A Christmas Carol

By:Charles Dickens

stave 1

A grumpy man named Ebeneezer Scrooge,who is very wealthy and doesn't like to share.He works at his counting house called Scrooge and Marley's with his apprentice Bob Cratchet.Seven years before this year before his partner Marley died.Afterwards he had been mean and stingy to everyone else,and because of it he was visited by the ghost of Marley and he told scrooge he would be visited by three ghosts.Scrooge was skeptical and did not believe marley.
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Stave 2

Scrooge had went to bed at midnight and woke up at 2 A.M. and he thought he slept for a whole day,but the sun was just out of eyes reach.So he decides to stay awake for his ghostly visitor.At the strike of the clock one A.M. the ghost of Christmas past comes into scrooges room and blows his bed curtains aside,and scrooge is welcomed by a child-like figure.The ghost takes him to his past when he was a boy.Then the ghost took scrooge to when he was an apprentice.
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stave 3

A church bell wakes Ebeneezer at the strike of one and he tries to find the ghost but one doesn't come.Then he sees a light coming out of the next room,and gets curious.He walks in the room and sees this huge man in a robe sitting on a feast of food.He tells scrooge to touch his robe and scrooge does and the ghost show him his nephews Christmas party and is not surprised they are insulting him.Then the clock strikes and the ghost disappears and a hooded figure heads toward him.
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stave 4

The hooded figure towers over scrooge and he "asks are you the spit of Christmas yet to come?"the figure just takes him to many places where people saying things like "he died in his bed this Christmas morning" and "I thought he would never die," along with "I've stolen some of his things."the spirit takes him to the place of the person who has just died,and scrooge asks the ghost if it was him but the ghost just points at the body.Scrooge could not sum up the courage to look underneath the sheets.then the ghost takes Scrooge to a cematary and the ghost shows him a grave with his name on it.
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stave 5

Scrooge wakes up that next morning but expects to be dead.He was a changed man and happy to see he lived though another christmas.he runs around his house and then opens a window and asks a boy what day it was and the boy says that it was Christmas day.then scrooge asks the boy to go buy the prize turkey,and he sends it to the cratchets and gives bob a raise.Scrooge had lived up to his word and tiny tim got better.Scrooge turns into tiny tims second father.
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