Pins, Smores & Doodles

15 creative ways to use 5 social sharing tools

Social sharing tools are becoming highly popular and heavily used among students. Librarians are often considered tech-experts on campus and as a result, we are looked at for guidance and as leaders in the latest tech trends.

It is important to be aware of emerging technologies and to know innovative ways these tools can be used to our advantage. While they are not usually developed for higher education and libraries, it takes a little creativity to adapt them. Using them the right way can prove incredibly beneficial for library outreach, education and marketing.

Our list of 15 ways to use these tools with examples are on our blog:

Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that enables users to create virtual pin boards which can include images or videos.

Smore is a great for creating online flyers. Smore flyers are customizable and easy to share across social networks and platforms.

Doodle is an online scheduling tool for creating schedule surveys to send out to your patrons/students to collect the times when everyone is available.

Bunkr is a web-based presentation tool. Build image collections to access and use to build your Bunkr presentations.

Piktochart is an infographic design app for the non-graphic designer. Users are able to easily produce high quality infographics.
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