Bengal Tiger

Rieanna Atiyeh & Jizelle Haik


The common name is the Royal Bengal Tiger. The scientific name is the Panthera Tigris

Habitat and Adaption

The climate zone for the Bengal Tiger is that it is a tropical climate, but its living in different habitat throughout ages. Its geographic location is mangroves, amd evergreen forests. In order to survive it has sufficiently large space, plenty of cover, availability of prey and access water.

Why it is Endangered

It is endangered because habitat loss caused by deforestation and hunting by human poachers. The Bengal Tiger is in wild activity.


The WWF is raising money to help all the animals in the wildlife. We can help by donating money to stop deforestation. We should help so they don't become extinct. Facts to consider is that if we don't help, they can become extinct quickly. We should start a fund because it will help the tigers.

Food Web

Our species is a carnivore, it gets food by hunting its prey, and it sometimes eaten by people.