Failure and Overcoming it.

By: Nadiya Ghani

Have you ever felt like you couldn't do something?

Well, if you have ever felt like you couldn't do something, you should take a look at the following people and you'll have more of a reason to overcome your adversities. The following people have had their dreams crushed more than they ever should've. Although they have had faltered many times, they have learned to preserver and overcome their difficulties.

J.K Rowing and Stephan King

J.K Rowling and Stephen King have both had to deal with terrible adversities in their lives. Both of these two amazing authors have had to deal with issues in their earlier lives. One of the issues that they have had to deal with is that they have had issues in their younger lives before they were the sensations they are today. To be more specific, they both had kids that they had to provide food and shelter for. This was bad for them because at first, they couldn't get a book published, so they had no income to bring home. They are also alike because, like I said before, they both have dealed with the fact they could not get a book published. You can see how bad this was for them because they had no means of providing for themselves or their family, other than a low-income job.

Although these two amazing authors are similar in many ways, they are both different to. Firstly, they all did have problems, but they were vary different. For example, Rowling had to deal with the fact her first marriage ended in failure before her child was born. Not only that. she was jobless, poor, and living with her sister. King on the other hand, had developed a drug and alcohol addiction. King also had a wife that helped him with his problems, Rowling, like I said before, was divorced and left with her kid.

As you can see, both of these authors have had to deal with many adversities, but they learned not to yield and to venture out and overcome their issue's.

Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is an american filmmaker who was not all ways great as he was today. When he was younger, he did not have good grades and was rejected from the same collage 3 times. Although he did eventually get into collage, Universal Studios discovered him, and offered him a job. Since he did get a job with Universal Studios, it would cause him to not be able to finish collage for another 33 years. This required a lot of perserverance to work for that long. Since he worked so hard for so long, he is now known as one of the best filmakers in american history.

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Jessica Jung

Jessica Jung is a woman who has been faced with a lot of sadness in her life. For example, the company that she was under for her musical career, S.M entertainment, kicked her out for no clear reason. Her company has said that "Before agreements could be made on rising conflicts regarding the priority and interests of SNSD promotions, Jessica began her fashion-related business, and a situation arose where it became difficult to continue as a team despite continuous discussions.". Although S.M Entertainment has released their own statement, Jessica has also said that "shockingly be informed by my company and 8 others that as of today, I′m no longer a member. I′m devastated – my priority and love is to serve as a member of GG, but for no justifiable reason, I am being forced out.". As you can see, there is two differant points of view in the situtation. Although Jessica has devoted almost 8 years to the band "Girls Generation", she was kicked out for no real reason, but this can also be viewed as a positive thing. Jessica has been doing many solo things since she left Girls Generation. She has continued with her fashion line "BLANC" aswell as persuring a career in acting. She has been in a on going korean drama "Wild Romance". She also has plans to start singing again in America with a new record label.

Ever since Jessica has left Girls Genration, alot has been surfaced about how horrid the company is. It has been released that S.M. Entertainment treats their workers with no care and overworkes them. Although Jessica had live through the horrible conditions that the company put her through, she is now living a better life. She is getting married, singing, acting and designing.

To learn more about her, here's a link:

Pat Benatar

Pat Bentar is an American singer, who had to face the struggle of getting noticed as many sings do. Like many singers do, Pat Benatar started off singing at local places, at diners, bars, ect. She did start auditioning for companies, but no one told her that she was good enough. She was found however, she was singing at a dinner and someone from a company heard her sing and thought that she was good. She continued to sing for 25 years until she and her husband had a baby. Since she had a baby, she had to stop music for another 25 years so that she could take care of her children properly. Now that their children are grown, she plans on singing again as usual.
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