SARS Disease

By: Trey Adkins

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Causes of Disease

The scientific name for SARS is Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. This disease is spread by the corona virus.

How is the disease transmitted?

The way SARS is spread is person to person contact. It is also spread when someone with the disease coughs or sneezes and they touch something and another person touches the same object or surface.

What are the symptoms of this disease?

Some symptoms of this virus are coughing, difficulty breathing, and fever greater than 100. The most common symptoms are chills, cough, fever, headaches, and muscle ache.

How is the disease treated?

SARS can be treated the same way that a person with serious pneumonia would be treated, with antibiotics. Scientist are also trying to find an antibiotic that can fight against this specific virus.

Ways to prevent getting this virus.

Some pretty easy ways to prevent getting this virus are to wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face before you wash your hands, and you can encourage people to cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze.
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4 interesting facts.

SARS was first reported on November 16, 2002 in Foshan, China. Since 2004 there haven't been any cases of SARS reported in the world. During 2003 a total of 8,098 people worldwide had this virus and 774 died. SARS was found in a dozen countries throughout the continents of North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.
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