Avid 12/8/15 per 5


To get good grade in order to get good grade you have to study hard and do your work.

Athletic goal

To be in the NFL in order to be in the NFL you have to practice hard and be a good teammate

Personal goal

My personal goal is to go to the college biola and get my degree


My teacher are jezowski,nygen, area, tubbs,Franklin,and hyen. My coaches is my dad and my big brother.


Jeremy and Anthony


Anthony, lian,Jacob, Jeremy dashon,giraid,

School obstacles

The homework, project, game.

Financial obstacles

By saving to go to a footeam and buying the equipment

Attitude/motivation plan:

My family is supporting and my friend too

Education/training plan

Turning my work on time and doing my homework.

Plan for study and practice

My plan for study and practice is to do my work and practice football.

Plan for acquiring needed skills

To practice foot in till it time for me to stop.

Physical obstacles

I am not that fast . Or sometime I am lazy.