What is Good Information

By Lewis Madden

What makes Information Valid

Making sure that all information that is collected can be used and is worth using. Making sure that data is complete and can be used by a part of the organization to improve something helps to stop useless data from piling up and helps to only keep the useful information for use.

How can Information be reliable

Making sure that a company knows were the information provided is coming from and if it can be trusted is very important . Making sure that the information provided is true and can be used to help a company to make derisions or changes is very important as important derisions can be made based on data that is gathered. bad or incorrect information can create big problems for a company depending on the type of dissensions that are made based on the information which is why credible sources must be used.


Making sure that the information is gathered in time for when it is needed is very important. Making sure that data is collected and analyzed and soon as possible and proved to be used is cruel as data from weeks ago will not be any use to the company when needing to make important quick dissensions as company can't wait around weeks to make important dissensions.

Fit for Purpose

Making sure that the information that is collected and provided can be used to help the issue that is being address. Using the right information is important to being able to improve how a company tackles a problem for example if a company wants to look at sales of a product they will want the most resent sales data for that product and other information like old data may not be very useful.


making sure that the information is able to be used by all parts of an organization in whichever department they may be in helps to make data collection a very impotent part as it can improve all aspects of a company. Making sure that data that is collected can be seen and accessed means that anyone can use the data for any use they need it for.

Cost effective

Ensuring that the cost of collecting the data and processing the data dose not outweigh the benefits gained from having the data or information for the company to use. There is also the cost of making sure that all data the is collected follows all the laws to make sure no laws are broken when collecting the data to be used.


Ensuring that all information / data that is collected is true is one of the most impotent parts of data collection. A company needs to be able to base important depressions on the data and information that it has gathered and making sure that all data is trust worthy and correct ensures that any dissensions made using the information gathered will positively effect the company. Good information needs to right 100% of the time and making sure that all data gathered is from trust worthy sources helps to ensure all data collected is good information.


Making sure that the data that is collected or analyzed is relevant to the company is important is very cruel to making sure that useless data is not being analyzed and wasting company resources and time. Making sure that information and data that is collected can help the company needs to be ensured to make sure that pointless information is not being researched.