Chester Elementary School

October 10, 2018

Third Graders Conquer Mt. Harkness by Anja, Jenna, Hailey & Avery

We CES 3rd graders recently went on a field trip to hike up to the top of Mt. Harkness. We wanted to study the four different types of volcanoes. We recorded our learning in our field journals. Once we made it to the top we were able to learn from a firefighter about his job. It was a long day, but we all made it and learned a lot about volcanoes and saw a lot of sites from the top of the mountain. Mr. LaGroue gave us a tour of the lookout tower and informed us on how he tracks fires. We also learned about wildfires. We want to thank Ms. Geer, Ms. Whalen and the volunteers who helped make this a great day of learning for all of us.

Fourth Graders Learning in the Field!

Fourth Grade Riparian Day Written by the Fourth Grade (typed by Kody)

The fourth grade Riparian Day Field trip was unforgettable! First,we broke up into six stations. The stations were fly casting, aquatic insects,a scavenger hunt,and water coloring trout flys, and also a trout food source poster activity. After that we had a barbecue lunch and Mr. Reeder grilled the best hot dogs ever for our class. We also had chips, apples, and lemonade that was donated from a class parent. Finally, we had a tug of war competition and boat races. The girls won against the boys. The children conquered the adults and the eight mothers won against the two fathers. Finally, we raced our boats. Alexis and Brooke got first place and Grady,Gurjaap,and Jack got second place and last but not least David Hatfield and Colby came in third place. The fourth grade riparian day field trip was unforgettable! We would like to thank Trout Unlimited, Ms. Mary, Faye Wilkinson, Bennie Johnson, the US Forest Service, our teachers, and our parents for making this trip possible.

About Chester Elementary School

We are a team of 28 educators (teachers, aides, bus driver, cooks, custodians, secretary, nurse, principal) committed to supporting and serving our 210 students. We are excited to partner with our parents and guardians, communicate, brainstorm and work towards the same vision - providing an exceptional elementary experience for all of our students.

Attendance Matters - We need your child at school everyday....please?

CES has set a goal to improve our attendance. Research on school attendance indicates students with high attendance rates (ex 97%+) are more successful in school, particularly in reading ( We want to see all students at school at least 97% of the time. With 180 days of school, 97% attendance equals to only missing 5 days out of the entire year. We can provide make up work for missed assignments, but the quality time with a teacher, the opportunity to collaborate with classmates and the instruction planned in the classroom will not be replaced with make up work.

We understand children get sick, and we want your child home resting when he/she is sick with a fever and could potentially be contagious. We ask that you talk to your child about the importance of attending school each day, and send your child to school everyday, unless he/she is sick.

With our district's schedule providing a week off for Thanksgiving, two weeks off for Christmas, one week off in February, one week off in April and approximately eight weeks off in the summer, we hope families can plan their vacations around those off times so they don't miss school? We appreciate your cooperation and hope to see your child at least 97% of the school days this year. We also appreciate you calling us if your child has to miss school (258-3194). Thank you.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

Oct 26 - Picture make up/Retake day

Oct 31 - Chester Merchants Safe Trick or Treating 3-5 pm

Nov 1 - free flu shots at Chester Elementary (need to complete form for each person)

Nov 12 - no school, Happy Veterans Day

Nov 16 - end of 1st trimester

Nov 19-23 - no school, Happy Thanksgiving!