The Green Lantern

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How The Green Lantern acquired his super power?

Green Lantern, also known as Hal Jordan, acquired his power long ago when the Guardians of the Universe created the Central Power Battery, the power ring is to find the most suitable owner. Eventually, it picked Hal, so hes The Green Lantern until he dies or retires from being a hero.


  • Energy projection-The ring can project beams of forced powered by him.
  • Force field-The ring can create various sizes and shapes of force fields to protect him and everyone around him.
  • Phasing-The ring allows him to pass through solid objects
  • Flight-The ring allows him to fly at incredible speeds.
  • Superhuman strength-Capable of lifting or moving weighing way more than 100 tons with little effort.


  • Produces large amount of energy
  • Survive through the toughest weather conditions
  • continuous supply


  • Yellow impurity- The ring is unable to directly affect yellow, but if the wearer can 'accept fear', then he will not be harmed.
  • Recharge protocol-The ring needs to be charge no matter how much energy you use. It must be charged, the fuller the charge, the more power and strength he will have.
  • Hazardous



  • Dense
  • Silvery-white
  • Radioactive metal
  • Ductile
  • Malleable


  • Main raw material used for nuclear weapons
  • Fuel for nuclear reactors
  • Military to power nuclear submarines
  • armor
  • ships
  • aircraft

Protons and electrons

  • 92 protons
  • 92 electrons
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Green Lantern Movie Trailer Official (HD)


In the brightest day, in the blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evils might, beware my power, Green Lanterns light!