ACE Midyear Data Review

Celebrating our Progress K-2 Reading

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Dear ACE Family,

With so much emphasis on STAAR testing, the importance of reading on grade level in the early years may sometimes feel overshadowed. Yet, it is our best predictor of future success.

Why is reading on grade level from an early age so important?

  • There are multiple studies that confirm a strong link between the country’s ability to ensure global competitiveness, including general productivity and national security, and ongoing academic difficulties in school, the failure to read proficiently by the end of third grade, failure to graduate from high school on time and chances of succeeding economically later in life — including individuals’ ability to break the cycle of inter-generational poverty. (WOW, read that sentence again!)

Thank you for your continued efforts to get our students on the right track in PK, K,1st and 2nd grade. Ensuring that each and every child is Tier I on Istation through the implementation of a high quality balanced literacy program is at the foundation of our transformation model. Your work matters!

Please take time to review the data below to see celebrations and areas needing targeted improvement. We have two full months left to make a difference. Let's make sure every student is reading on grade level in our ACE schools!

Best Regards,

Jolee Healey

Kinder through Second Grade ISIP Reading Celebrations

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ACE Balanced Literary Block

Great time to review our ACE recommended literacy block and see what areas need revision and strengthening. We are happy to offer professional development, just ask!
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Please email if you have questions or need suggestions about this topic!