Principals Information

August 3, 2015

Email Agenda

  1. Grades – Lets follow our campus policies
  2. Attendance – New Truancy procedures must be followed
  3. Electronic Communication with Students- including using remind – Fyler attached K/B Bulletin
  4. Campus Behavior Coordinator – IS THE CAMPUS PRINCIPAL or DESIGNEE (AP) Very specific duties you have
  5. Observations/Walk-through – get in the classroom NOW, make it a habit
  6. T-TESS & T-PESS – Workshops (on attached flyer) We have a lot to discuss on this topic!!
  7. SPED Classroom cameras – Attached law, we will discuss in detail soon.
  8. Girls in Technology - @ Region 7 Flyer attached
  9. Staff Webpage updates
  10. Students of the Month – Due to Karen September 30 (Recognized at Rotary Oct. 12)
  11. Mid-Winter Conf. Jan 24-27
  12. Curriculum/Federal/Special Programs information – Just because Mrs. Robbins is not with us, we are not ceasing the expectations from each of you as campus administration nor our teachers. I will give you an update soon.
  13. Staar4ward webinar on Sept 8 – MUST register we will be in the Board room
  14. Questions/Comments
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