Monday News and Notes

May 4, 2015


  • Congratulations to Jesse and his wife as they await the birth of their first child. We wish them both health and happiness as they experience this milestone.
  • Sadly, after seeking a second opinion, Carol will need chemotherapy and therefore will not be able to return to school prior to her retirement. Please send your prayers and well-wishes.
  • Please join me in wishing Jennifer Martell our best. She is resigning from her position at JHE at the end of this year. Jen has dedicated the last ten years to the families and students at JHE. He professionalism, dedication and knowledge will be missed. We wish her well and will certainly be joining her at Druthers for happy hour!

This week at a glance:


Kindergarten Screening


Kindergarten Screening


K-Data Meeting




3-Data Meeting

Requisitions need to be submitted by end of the day

Teaching Assignments for 2015-16

Thank you to the many staff members who have shared their desire to reach out of their current comfort zone and seek a placement in 4th grade. In an effort to continuously work to improve learning for each and every child, creating strong and effective teacher teams at each grade level each year is a top priority for me as I work to ensure positive and effective teacher collaboration.

Visits in every classroom throughout the year for extended periods of time, as well as informal visits, give me a unique perspective on the teaching life of the school. I have been able to see firsthand how, and what kind of learning is taking place in every classroom. In addition, I have also gained knowledge and perspective in working with faculty members both in groups or individually, throughout the year.

In considering teaching assignments, my goal is to create grade-level teaching teams whose collective and collaborative efforts will enhance children learning. This work includes analyzing teacher strengths, and reflecting on the many factors that contribute to making effective teams. In doing this, my most important consideration always is what will be best for children’s learning. I will continue to keep the interests of those I have spoken with, at hand, as we move forward. Recent resignations and potential openings, pending a positive budget vote, will open up additional opportunities.

With that said, the following grade level teams for 2015-16 thus far, are as follows:

Grade K: Page, Adams/Nevins, Suydam

Grade 1: Open, Frisbie, DiBlasi/Moore

Grade 2: Curtis, Culbert/Montalbano, Hutchinson

Grade 3: Ormiston, Kempf/Hoffman, Coombs

Grade 4: O'Reilly (4th grade reading for Flinton) , Flinton, Immel/Smith, Yerdon

Grade 5: Remscheid, Johnson/Palsgraf, Gribben

Grade 6: Nettleton, Open , Gload

* 6th grade 1.5 consultant teacher homerooms are to be determined as I do not have volunteers yet to host these rooms. (Gina's and Nancy's position).

Postings for the recently board approved (pending budget vote) reading position, as well as Jen Martell's 1.0 position, will be posted soon. If anyone has a desire for either of those positions, please let me know. Based on internal interest of those positions, there may be additional movement. We have one teacher on call back-Kat McCleneghan. So all in all, the configurations are subject to change.

Data Meetings:

Many data meetings have been changed. Please review the dates as listed below. If there are any changes please let me know as soon as possible. End of the year benchmarks and students who have not attained these, along with student growth, and summer school will be reviewed.

May 6-K

May 8-3

May 21-2

May 26-1

May 28-5

May 29-4

Please remember, May will be the last STAR benchmark for the year. Make-ups and retests can be done until June 10th.

Data Meeting Agenda

Full day Data Meeting

September and May each year

Who: All service providers, support staff and grade level teachers along with Shannon, Lin and myself

Where: Elementary LGI room.

Why: Compare final benchmarks with student outcomes, review student growth and trend lines, identify over-all strengths by grade, verify summer school lists for grades K-2


Log into Chrome Books

Review Progress monitoring Reading Tab-identify those for potential AIS fall

Review Student Growth

Identify Students who do not demonstrate adequate growth and earmark them for fall AIS

** These results will be use in conjunction with pre-assessment from CKLA in the fall

AIS reading will review Fountas and Pinnell assessments for 2015-16 and the elimination of Rigby

Repeat for Math


  • Look at grade level benchmarks and allow each teacher time to discuss students not meeting benchmarks based on classroom observation/assessments. Allow teachers time to input notes in RTI view in School Tool.

11:30-12:45 Lunch/Prep

12:30-1:30- service providers

1:30-2:20— Grade Level discussion, review of schedules

Social Emotional Needs-“What Does This Child Need

Service Providers (speech, OT, PT) Each classroom teacher will be able to share concerns about student who are being serviced or may need to be on a watch list for fall.

Regional Assessments have been deployed!

I will provide one teacher at each grade level/special area with the Regional Assessment (K-3) for your grade. Please review for accuracy, record the number of copies needed and provide them to Mary or Deb to copy.

Educational Aides

Lin and I will be meeting with educational aides the first week of June to review assignments and provide evaluations.