Mrs.Myers' Weekly Newsletter

February 13th- February 17th

Notes from Mrs.Myers


I hope that everyone has had a restful long weekend and a chance to enjoy some warm, albeit overcast, weather! Just a heads up that this will be a very grade/test heavy week! Please see below for information about what to expect this week and some additional resources for studying that won't work when linked through eClass! :)

Valentines exchange in our classroom will be this Tuesday, February 14th! Please make sure that you have enough Valentines for every student should you choose to participate! We have 29 students in our class, but if you would like to include our special education friends, we have 31 students. :)

Valentine's Grams are for sale through the 14th. Students can purchase a lollipop attached to a valentine for $1. The gram is then delivered to their friend's classroom by the end of the day.

On Tuesday, February 14th, the 2nd and 5th grade classes are having their Friends and Family Lunch. Our lunch time is basically the same, but we will be eating in our classroom. So, if you plan to eat with your child you will need to come get them from the classroom.

Thanks you to everyone who has sent in household items/ non perishable foods for the Lilburn Co-op. Donations will be accepted through the 28th of February. Also, thanks to everyone who is supporting the American Heart Association. We will be collecting forms for the remainder of the month for this as well. We thank you for your generosity in both of these activities!

Just a reminder that Monday, February 20th, is a teacher work day! I have conferences slots scheduled for the back half of that day, so if you're going to be off that day with your kiddo, try to snag one of those slots! :)

If you have any questions, you know where to find me! :)

Jordan Myers

What's Up This Week?

Topics we are covering:

Reading: Cause and Effect // Problem and Solution text types

Writing: Continuing to draft, revise, and edit!

Grammar: Compound sentences

Social Studies: A New Nation

Math: Symmetry and Geometry

Word Work: No new word work this week due to a big social studies week! :)

Tests and Quizzes!


  • A New Nation Open-Note Daily Grade part 1 (this will take place in TWO parts: ten short-answer questions each day, averaged together for one grade out of 20 questions)


  • A New Nation Open-Note Daily Grade part 2
  • Geometry Daily Grade


  • A New Nation Closed-Note Daily Grade


  • A New Nation Test
  • Geometry Test
  • Spelling Daily Grade

Looking for a way to review for Social Studies? AND Math?

Social Studies:

  1. Log into eClass
  2. Select the Online Research Library Option
  3. Go to "Freedom Flix"
  4. There are 3 resources on Freedom Flix: The U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Branches of U.S. Government

These are fantastic! They include a video and an appropriately leveled book! These are great to read and watch together at night, and they will help to restate our learning for the unit! :)


Classifying Quadrilaterals Game:

  • This game will allow students to practice identifying the multiple labels for quadrilaterals. It has three levels so that students can build their understandings!

Classifying Triangles Game:

  • This game will help students practice classifying triangles by both their sides and their angles!

Symmetry Game:

  • Students need to be able to identify correct lines of symmetry. We will be covering this concept on Monday and Tuesday!

Line Relationships Practice:

  • Students will need to identify parallel, intersecting, and perpendicular lines!

Milestones Dates- Mark your calendars!

April 17th: ELA (Section 1 and 2)

April 18th: ELA (Section 3)

April 19th: Make-up

April 20th: Math (Section 1)

April 21st: Math (Section 2)

Milestones results will count for promotion this year in all sections. This is also the first time that math has been split into two sections. This is a FANTASTIC move since last year the math portion took all the way until lunch time! This will split it up into more manageable pieces so that students are not testing for so long at one time.

Just a reminder that there are no parent visitors in the building during the entire Milestones window, from April 17th- April 27th. :)

Gwin Oaks STEAM Night!

Gwin Oaks STEAM Night will be on March 23rd from 6-8pm. Come view student projects, browse the book fair, and learn about awesome topics from our presenters! I'll be in Lab A all night for Minecraft, so I hope to see you all there! :)

Don't Forget to Pre-Order Your Yearbooks!

Gwin Oaks Yearbook PreOrder is coming to an end! Do not delay!
Additional books will NOT be available for purchase! $35 or $40 (for name imprinting) Please order online at

Parent Conferences

DATE: February 20, February 22 and February 23.
PLACE: Mrs.Myers Classroom.
REGISTRATION DEADLINE: End of day before each conference day

To pick a time slot, enter this link in your internet browser:

At that link, you will be asked for your Entry Code, where you should
enter C6N1131050

I'm very excited to meet with you and discuss your child's AWESOME fourth grade year! :)

If you cannot find a date or time that works for you, please contact me ASAP so that I can find time to schedule a phone conference with you!