Rena's life

Rena Kani

About me

I was born in Japan, Tokyo in 26th of June 1999. I am the only child in my family. I grew up in Tokyo for 13 years and I spent two years in Perth, Australia because of my father's business.

hobbies: reading books and eating.

favourite sport: volleyball, badminton ( I don't like sports you play outside.)

music: I do not listen to songs very often but, I play classic musics on piano.

favourite subject: Physics. It is fun knowing things that relates to our daily life.

The most important thing to me: growth and joy.

My family

I am an only child in my family. My parents are both Japanese. This picture was taken when I was seven yeas old. My dad is often away from home because he goes to Australia do his business at least once in a month. However, we love each other even though we are apart.
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school in Japan

I went to Aoyama Gakuin high school from grade 1 to 7 before I moved to Austraila. I still keep in touch with those friends from the elementary school. Also, I was the member of the volleyball club when I was in grade 8.
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I went to the language school. It was the first time I experienced true diversity. I had lots of precious experiences with many international students because the school was built for immigrants and refugees who moved to Australia. There ware so many students came from many different places around the world.
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