The Super Sumerian Architects

Get out there and build :)

Ever wanted to be a great architect? Well now you can

In here you will learn to build great 2 story houses for you and you whole family to love. You will never have to live in a 1 story house again! We also give great classes on building beautiful arches for your new 2 story houses! Wait, but that's not all! For the advanced architect we can teach you to build amazing wheels to carry you stuff or even your war chariots. Now you can totally impress all you friends with your amazing skills.

Where to find us?

You can find us at the 2 story house near the Ziggurat. With the Arch entrance, and the chariot on the side of the wall. If you still can't find us talk to some of the people near the Ziggurat, and they will direct you.

You will work with and train with the best architects in the great Fertile Cresent

Gaurnteed to give you skill or it is half off. No refunds

The creator of this organization is Artie Krishnan :P