1st Grade Investigations

Ms. Smith's Journey to linking math and literature

Number Talks

What is a Number Talk?

A number talk is a short math lesson that focuses on developing efficient, flexible, and accurate computation strategies. They are great opportunities for the class to come together and share the way they think about math. I think it is a very good way to build a strong classroom community while providing a way to practice using mental computation strategies and hear from others how to work out problems in new ways.

Let's build a community, together.

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Math and Literature: A Match Made in the Classroom

What does Literature have to do with Math?

Linking them together:

Why should we find the link between literature and math? It's because by making these connections, we can become better investigators. Math-related literature allows us to break apart the layers of the connections. As a classroom, we can discuss the math and how it affects the way the literature is written. "How is a math-related book different than a book?"