Knowsys Groups 16-20 Review

By: Cole, Pranjal, Ashwin

Affinity- Noun

Definition- A natural attraction or liking, often associated with kinship.

Sentence- The affinity between the three, resulted in an irrevocable friendship that lasted forever.

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Remiss- Adjective

Definition- Negligent or lacking a sense of duty.

Sentence- The scuba diving instructor would be remiss if he did not warn his students about the dangers of diving in the shark infested waters.

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Inexorable- Adjective

Definition- Relentless.

Sentence- In the 21st century, pollution is an inexorable harm to the environment.
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Certitude- Noun

Definition- The conviction that something is right or true.

Sentence- In the midst of the war, the general knew he had to radiate certitude in order to imbue his soldiers to be victorious.

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Intransigent- Adjective

Definition- Uncompromising or stubborn.

Sentence- The intransigent mentalities of the north and south sides resulted in the Civil War.

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Picayune- Adjective

Definition- of very little importance or concerned with trivial things.

Sentence- On the teacher's test was the picayune question of how tall the Empire State Building was in centimeters.

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Stalwart- Adjective

Definition- strong, steady, dependable, and loyal.

Sentence- Robin is a stalwart sidekick for Batman, who is always on batman's side.

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Intractable- Adjective

Definition- strong-willed, rebellious, or stubborn

Sentence- When it was bath time, the intractable dog rebelled in a violent manner against his owner.

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Penchant- Noun

Definition- A strong attraction or leaning.

Sentence- Spongebob has a penchant for cooking Krabby Patties.

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Smattering- Noun

Definition- Superficial knowledge or a small amount.

Sentence- Some elderly people have a smattering amount of knowledge about technology.

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Review for the Quiz

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