ICT Collaboration Tools

for School Leaders

Thank you for enrolling into this workshop

To make this session as interactive as possible...

BEFORE the CONFERENCE please make sure you...

1. Bring a laptop or tablet that you know is working with a wireless network

2. Join the Edmodo group of the conference

3. You have a Google or Gmail account

4. You have an Evernote account

The following links are for creating new accounts if you do not have one already.

Tips on creating Web2.0 accounts:

  1. Use the same username for all your accounts

  2. Use the same password for all your accounts (have a different one for your banking)

  3. Do not pay for anything - find free tools where possible

  4. Expect you may not use the tool in 6 months time - move on to something different :)

Belinda Stanton

Quality Teaching ICT Curriculum Integration K-12

DEC South Western Sydney Region