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You may know some things about seals too, but not everything you know can be true. Seals are animals that swim in ice cold water. There are many different facts over what they eat, what kinds there are, and many other things about them.

First of all, there are 33 known species of seals. The most popular known seals are the grey seals. The most main species of seals live in cold environments. It may seem that they can get cold in cold water, but their fat keeps their temperature inside their body. It may look like they are dead, but they just breath slowly to save energy when they are sleeping.

Next, they have more blood known in their body than any other animal in the world. The biggest seal known is the elephant seal. Depending on what type of seal, seals can dive to 1,000 feet under water. Most seals can stay underwater for up to 30 minutes. Most stay in groups of more than 1,000 seals to protect each other from predators.

Finally, people in Canada slaughter hundreds of thousands of seals. You may find more seals around water, because that is their main food source. Their whiskers help the seals to find their prey. Some people may think they give birth underwater, but they give birth on land. Some people may not know that baby seals are also known as “pups”.

As you can see, there are many different kinds of facts on seals that you may not know. Most seals are found in the arctic. There is even more facts if you use the right source.

Zelda: Skyward Sword

Video Game Review

Zelda: Skyward Sword is one of all the Zelda games that is my favorite. It is a journey that Link (one of the main characters) takes to save his friend. His friend is known as Zelda. This game takes place in the sky on an island known as Skyloft. When Link and Zelda take a ride on their birds (the main transportation is big birds), a tornado appears and takes Zelda off course. She falls through the clouds to the land below the clouds. Link is taken back to Skyloft and is ready to take on whatever rests before him to save is friend, Zelda. He starts off at Faron Woods, one of the three places he visits. Faron woods is compared to a forest. After his task in Faron Woods, he is taken to Eldin Volcano to continue his search. Eldin Volcano takes place by and on a volcano. After that task, he is taken to the Lanyru Desert. The Lanyru Desert obviously takes place in a desert. His main weapon is a sword passed down by the Goddess. He gets help from Fi that is placed in his sword. To get most of his supplies to take on this task, he goes to the Bazaar. He can get shields, potions, arrows (for the bow), bombs (for the bomb sack), seeds (for his slingshot), and get his gear upgraded. He runs into Ghirahim. Ghirahim is after Zelda for his master, Demise. Demise is currently trapped in a monsters body, that Link has to defeat later on in his tasks. He finally finds Zelda, but she has to stay with Impa, her guardian, until Demise is defeated. He has to take on this task in order for Zelda to come back home.

Madagascar 3

Movie Review

Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman are trapped in Europe and being chased by Animal Control. In order to leave, they have to find the penguins. They try to get away, but how does a lion, zebra, hippo, giraffe, 4 penguins, 2 monkeys, and 3 lemurs try to get away without attracting attention? They find the solution to that when they run into a circus train. They join the circus until they make it home to the Central Park Zoo in New York. When they return to the Central Park Zoo, they decide that they want to stay with the circus animals. They almost get free, until someone unexpected appears to capture them.
'Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted' Trailer HD

The Lost Mittens

News Article

Two days ago... there were three little kittens. They each lost their mittens. In the afternoon, they were playing a game of tag in their farmyard pasture. Then all of a sudden, they got frightened by a loud noise, a loud barking noise. They each jumped up scared out of their fur and ran home without remembering their mittens. Their mother said they couldn’t have pie until they found their mittens and washed them. They were scared to death going back to the farmland pasture. Once they got close to the pasture they kept eyes on the dog. Then they realized, the dog was only a puppy. They finally found their mittens and went home to have pie. Later that day, they went back out to the farmland pasture and decided to befriend and play with the little puppy. They made sure to keep their mittens on their little paws.

For Or Against Year-Round Schooling

Here is the reason I am against year-round schooling

Students wouldn't get bullied if they aren't at school. Students could have more time with friends and family because if they were in school, they couldn't see their friends and family as much. They wouldn't be as stressed in school breaks because they get too much homework and get stressful. Kids wouldn't get time to see relatives if they are in school all year. It's hard for parents to get their kids from work if they are working the summer and kids are in school all year.



Trading Cards

In the deep depths of the Underworld, there lived siblings by the name of Kashunka and Kansa. Kansa was the evil rival of Kashunka, even though he was her brother. Kashunka had support from many raised and bewildered wolves, also from another warrior by the name of Lord Zachary, a warlock trained in the school of death . Kansa got help from Lord Drake, the elf lord in charge of Valhalla. Kashunka and Lord Zachary traveled to the black marshes to discuss their battle plans for the conquering of Valhalla. They took the battle to Outerlandia. When they got there, the battle started without a warning. Kashunka went searching for Kansa, but couldn't find him. Kashunka finds Kansa in Valhalla.

"You can't stop the fight once it begins," Kashunka tells Kansa.

"Then the fight needs to end," threatens Kansa.

Kansa quickly turns around and destroys Kashunka's shield. Kashunka glares at Kansa and throws her sword into the ground by his feet.

"Do you realize that we can rule our land together?" asks Kashunka.

"I guess you are right," Kansa agrees.

Lord Drake and Zachary come to where Kansa and Kashunka are standing.

"No price is high in the name of freedom," states Lord Drake.

Lord Zachary stares at Lord Drake.

"Fight for the death of Lord Drake," says Lord Zachary under his breath.

"You can take his death in your homeland," states Kashunka.

Lord Drake and Zachary bow and leave to their homeland.

What is your favorite Cartoon Network show?


  1. Scooby Doo --------------------- 32%
  2. Tom & Jerry --------------------- 32%
  3. Dexter's Laboratory ---------- 16%
  4. Ed, Edd, and Eddy -------------12%
  5. Courage the Cowardly Dog - 8%