Benjamin Franklin

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Essential Questionl # 1: What happened in the past?

In the past Ben Franklin made the Lightning rod. He made the lightning rod in 1752.

He was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 17th, 1706.

He made bifocals in 1784.

He made the Odometer in 1763.

Essential Question # 2: What can we learn from the past?

Ben Franklin made bifocals so you can see far and read with the same. The upper part of the glasses are used for seeing far and the bottom part is for reading.

Glasses today are way better than they were way back when Ben Franklin had them. They're now all different shapes and sizes.

Ben was curios of how far he traveled when he took a carriage ride from Philadelphia to Boston so he made a thing called a odometer that told him how far he traveled.

Odometer are now way advanced. They have a button that can switch settings of the car like it can tel you how far you traveled and how many miles you went in the day.

Ben made the lightning rod so our houses wouldn't get struck by lightning.

The lightning rod looks way cooler than it did in 1752. It still goes on tall buildings but it goes on skyscrapers and huge buildings.

His inventions helped us all

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Fun Facts On Ben Franklin

  • Ben Franklin is on the one hundred dollar bill
  • He was a printer when he was younger.
  • At the age of twenty-two, Ben Franklin was the owner of the Pennsylvania Gazette newspaper business.