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The Most Important 60 Days

Ramp Up Right Now!

The success of your holiday season lies within the next 60 days!
1. Lock up your schools, local holiday boutiques, fundraisers, salon trunk shows...
Get in before other owls take the cake! You will kick yourself if you're too late!
Waiting until mid September is a mistake!

2. Plan out a Promotional Calendar to keep weekly excitement and momentum:
Back to School: Back to School "Celebration & Reward Lockets"
Formally Football Season: Locket Season! Sports Locket Promos...
World Series
I always offer a FREE Charm with any locket but it's fun to promote and grab attention with specific locket and charm promos

3. Pictures are worth 1,000 words! I'll be sharing a bunch but I encourage you to put together "themed lockets" and promote on your FB, Instagram, Pinterest accounts with a packaged price point. I typically show 2 price points per locket: with - without bling or a medium and large version.

4. Recruit your "booties off" This is the time to sign up everyone you can: the holidays will be life-changing for everyone! We have THE GIFT of the season. Everyone who puts forth a 10 hours of effort a week or more will reap HUGE rewards.
When you work the business, it comes back ten-fold.

Make it your personal goal to recruit 10 superstars by September 30th. You will be so busy after Oct. 1st working a ba-zillion events and uploading orders around the clock! The holidays will be a beautiful blurr and the next thing you know all you'll be thinking about is relaxing in Cabo!

5. New catalogs are anticipated to be out approx. Oct 1st.
Do not share with your customers - this is not public info.
If you are low on catalogs order more - you won't have the newbies for awhile

6. Be an awesome resource for your new owlettes! Not sure what to do? Feeling overwhelmed? I'm here to help. Contact me for any start up docs. Have owls in other parts of the country? We can find a JB for them to shadow!

Awesome Back Office Updates at Your Fingertips! See below. Vimeo Password reminder: oocall

Tiffany Golden Your Mama (or Grandma Owl!)

Contact me anytime for anything!
I'm here for all of you...
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