The Knight Times

The Saint Columbkille School Family Newsletter

Happy New Year, Knights!

We hope you all had a restful and wonderful Christmas Break!

We are certainly entering 2022 with some wonder, anxiety, and even frustration given the current numbers of COVID within our communities.

We have been watching the numbers and speaking with individuals in order to make the best choices and decisions for our school.

While we take into consideration what area and neighbor schools are doing, it does not indicate what we will do and the actions we will take. Our students, faculty, and families are different than our neighboring schools and these are some of the considerations we take into account.

Also, we may have to "pivot" quickly in order to make educational accommodations, which may include virtual/remote learning, due to rising numbers, limited staff, etc. With that said, we are so grateful for your understanding and flexibility as we work to do what's best for your child.

Please read the following carefully as there as changes in our masking policy and other policies at SCS. These decisions are not easy. As always, our main priority is keeping students safe! We believe that having students in person and learning is the healthiest option.

Our hope is that we will be able to make these little changes and keep students and faculty healthy and safe moving into the new year.

We wish you a blessed and healthy New Year, Knights!

Thanks for your prayers, understanding, and flexibility in moving forward for 2022!

Mr. Richards

Plan Moving Forward

We are planning to reopen as usual on Tuesday, January 4th, 2022.

If there are changes, these will be communicated via email and through our all call system.

Masking Update

All students and staff must be masked at all times within the building.

Cleaning Update

All desks will continue to be cleaned in between classes and several times per day.

Students may be responsible for wiping his/her desk down.

Classrooms will continue to be cleaned daily.

Quarantine Procedure Update

The Quarantine Procedures that were sent a few newsletters ago pertain to students within a classroom setting. Those procedures do not outline the necessary steps if a child contracts COVID or a family member within the household contracts COVID.

If a family member within the same household tests positive for COVID:

All students who attend SCS must quarantine for a minimum of 10 days.

Students may be tested (PCR test only) at day five/six/seven within the quarantine. If negative, the student may return to school and must present the negative results. Families will continue to monitor for symptoms.

If during that 10 day period, symptoms of COVID being to emerge, please contact your child's pediatrician for further advice and a COVID test. If a child contracts COVID who attends SCS, that child must remain in a 14 day isolation (away from others) before being able to assume normally scheduled activities; school, sports, etc.

While in a 10 Day Quarantine, if that child tests positive for COVID, the 10 day quarantine no longer exists and it automatically becomes a 14 day isolation.

Change of Routine

It is imperative that we receive change of routine forms when child's normal schedule changes for afternoon pick-up.

You must communicate with the Office on your child's change of routine. Simply emailing the teacher is not enough.

For example: If your child is tutoring with a teacher and not riding the bus as normal, we must know. Please send in a change of routine form.


PreSchool & PreKindergarten Drop Off Procedure

Beginning January 4, 2022, all PreSchool and PreKindergarten Families must park their vehicles in a parking space and walk their child across the crosswalk to the sidewalk to be signed in.

This help the flow of traffic and safety of the students and parents.

Dismissal Traffic Patterns

When picking up your child/children from Site A or Site C, please do not cross parking lot.

If you pick up at Site A and need to exit at the North side, please drive up to the Church, cross in front of the Church and proceed to the exit.

If you are picking up from Site C and need to exit at the South side, please drive up to the Church, cross in front of the Church and proceed to the exit.

The criss-crossing pattern is dangerous in the center of the parking lot.

Reminder about Pictures

If your child received picture retakes, please make sure to have your child bring in the original photo packet from RIPCHO. This is the only way that you will receive your new photos.

Clubs Update

Club meetings are suspended until further notice.

Yearbook, Choir, and Chime Choir may still meet.