What's happening in Stoy Kindergarten

Ready for Reading!!

We still spend time each day doing read aloud activities, but now your children are also reading with small groups and alone for practice! It has been a very exciting time for us and them, as we launch this new group of READERS!!
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Crafts for Fun (and practicing skills!)

We continue to start our day with a seasonal, fun craft to exercise those small motor muscles. These crafts also show us how they can size, follow a pattern, follow directions, and stay on task - all great things!! Look what they can do - we are so proud!

Our Winter Wonderland

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Writing - and Reading!

We have been searching for words we know in our Morning Messages, and reading them all together as a group - they LOVE to do this! And, it helps us see what they are able to do! We are still working on beginning sounds, but are also introducing middle sounds (short vowels) and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g words out to try to hear and write down all the sounds they hear. Reinforce this at home with guessing games and encouraging writing in everyday things - making lists, writing names, playing with letters :)
We have been rotating through centers some days, to practice our sight words, new sounds, do Math in small groups, and to get in our reading with groups, as well! The children are getting lots of practice moving around and finding the next activity to be done. They come together as a group several times a day for stories, or to work on specific skills, and we have also launched a science unit about Being A Scientist - which they all are!
Hope you enjoyed this look into their days - thanks!!

Mrs. Keough and Miss Burns

Catching Snowflakes!!

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