Material Safety Data Sheet

Element Name: Karime Velasco

Atomic Mass: 12.011

Symbol: Pisces

Discoverers: Karime Plancarte & Victor Velasco (parents)


High quantities in - concerts, soccer fields, home, chipotle.

Low quantities in - outside of home, anywhere with a lot of people.

Physical Properties

  1. Surface Properties: dark brown hair, medium length hair, 5' in height, tan skin, dark brown eyes.
  2. Boils when others are being rude around this element.
  3. Melts if watches a really sad movie like The Notebook or The Fault In Our Stars (even Tangled), or listens to Louis Tomlinson's vocals.
  4. Can cause irritation to others if fangirls too much in their presence.
  5. Becomes stubborn and unyielding when it's discoverers don't want to buy it Ed Sheeran concert tickets.
  6. Specimens can be found in various states
  • Sad when hears rumors about One Direction breaking up.
  • Happy when listens to Where Are ü Now on the radio or any place actually.

Chemical Properties

  1. Is repelled by other people that don't like One Direction.
  2. Is attracted to free food, music bands, books & LOUIS TOMLINSON.
  3. May explode spontaneously when watches favorite artists' music video on tv. (BUT MAY NOT EXPLODE AT ALL IF GETS FREE CHIPOTLE)
  4. Requires copious amounts of chocolate & music.
  5. Is inert if in a too crowded place..
  6. Will repel any other element that is not like itself.
  7. Is impervious to anything negative that is said about this element.