480 BC-404 BC

The Golden Age

3 Famous Greeks And Area of achievement

The them golden age comes from mythology and legend and refers to the first in a sequence of four or five (or more) Ages of Man, in which the Golden Age is first, followed in sequence, by the Silver, Bronze, Heroic, and then the present (Iron), which is a period of decline. By extension "Golden Age" denotes a period of primordial peace, harmony, stability, and prosperity.

there is Alexander The Great When he took his 50,000 person army on a 12 year march across the continent to conquer lands unknown and unseen by the Greeks, Another person is Socarates, Socrates had taught without molestation all of his adult life. king xerxes was also famous for being king of Persia (519 - 465 BCE) was the son of Darius , and was the fourth emperor of Achaemenid Persia.

Greeks have many areas of achievement in art Their works are impressive just using there bare hands and tools. aAnother achievement in Sports the Olympic games There are lots of events of the Greeks in our sports tradition of today. Some of our track and field events the javelin and the discus come out of Greek tradition. And last their math Math is another area in which the Greeks made important Pythagorean theorem

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