News from "The Hive"

Week of 10/10/16

Dates to Remember

Next Week

October 17th- School Closed (Teacher PD)

October 19th- Early Dismissal (2:45 p.m.)

October 21st- Book Character Parade (9:30- 11)

October 21st- October Harvest Party (12:45- 3:30)- Room 15

Reading Instruction

Literacy Next Week!

The Daily Five has been going exceptionally well!

The Daily 5 is a form of reading instruction that allows students to participate in a variety of reading experiences during one instructional period.

During the Daily Five we...

1) read to self, read to a buddy, use computers, complete word work, and listen to books on audio

2) Rotate between the various centers

3) Reflect immediately following each rotation

Literacy skills to be addressed next week:

  • Using captions
  • Words ending in ck and k
  • Short vowel o
  • Personal Narratives

Weekly Specials

Monday- Gym @ 1:25; Music @ 2:20

Tuesday- Library @ 1:25

Wednesday- Gym @ 1:25

Thursday- Art @ 9:45; Music @ 2:20

Friday- Art @ 1:25

Our Daily Schedule

9:05- Morning Work, Lunch Count, Calendar

9:30- Reading Instruction

10:00- Snack

10:15- Reading Instruction

11:00- CORE

11:40- Lunch & Recess

12:45- Read Aloud

1:00- Math Instruction

1:25- Special or Math Instruction

2:05- Recess

2:20- Special or Science/ Social Studies

3:00- Science or Social Studies

Peanut Free Zone & Snack

Room 15 is peanut free! Please refer to the list of snack options that were sent home in the B.E.E. binder a few weeks ago.

The students have snack at 10:00 each day. Please try to send in water instead of juice for your child to drink during this time. The healthier the snack during this ten minute time period, the more beneficial it will be for all of us.

Classroom Responsibilities

These jobs will remain in effect for the entire month of October.

Here are our job assignments for October:

Paper Handler- J. Clark

Nursing Assistant- Le'Ajah

Messenger- Kennedy

Line Leader- Carmelo

Zookeeper- Alexah

Homework Assistant- Zsa'Ron

Substitute- Mark

Lights- Aaron

Custodian- James O.

Caboose- Vince

Horticulturalist- Tyler

Door Holder- James B.

Lunch Transporter- Cheyanne

Librarian- Giovanna


I will be sending home two homework menus on October 18th. These completed menus should be returned in the B.E.E. binder on Fridays. Your child is only required to complete two options from each menu since we have a shorter week.

Continue to document what your child is reading each night on the orange reading log that can be found in your child's B.E.E. binder. Also continue to complete the Bingo sheets each night. It is a fun way to promote reading! Any student that completes both sides of the orange reading log and/ or the entire Bingo sheet will receive a coupon for a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut! Happy Reading!

B.E.E. Binders


B.E.E. Binders are very important and an excellent way to keep us all organized. Please remove any papers that are located on the "leave home" side of your child's B.E.E. binder each night. Be sure to check the "bring back" section of the binder for things that may need to be completed and returned.

The plastic pocket in the center of the binder should be used for any notes and money that you need to send in with your child. I collect and check all B.E.E. binders every morning.

Volunteers Needed

We are in need of volunteers during our reading period. If you are available to assist from 10- 11:30 please sign up for a day on the Bloomz site or feel free to send in a note with your child. Clearances must be on file in the main office prior to volunteering.

We are looking for a few great instructors for our "Fun Friday" sessions. Read a book or teach a fun lesson. Sign ups are available now on Bloomz!

Toys Go Out by Emily Jenkins

We have 3 pages remaining in our read aloud, Toys Go Out by Emily Jenkins. Please send in the next book in the series on Wednesday- Toy Dance Party by Emily Jenkins. The students who do have copies of the book get really excited and they are able to follow along as I am reading!


Bloomz & other technology news

Please allow your child to work on Raz-kids and First in Math each day.

I will send home information for Xtra-math ( on Tuesday in your child's B.E.E. binder. This is an excellent site to practice math facts on, and it promotes math fluency.

Bloomz has proven to be a huge success! I utilize this app to post pictures throughout the school day, send private messages to parents, post announcements, and to also track behavior. If you still need access just let me know and I'll send you an emailed invite.

Math Instruction- The Daily Five

The students have continued to work hard during The Daily Five for math. This week we solved subtraction equations together on the smart board and independently.

Next week we will continue to solve addition and subtraction equations. We will discuss alternative words that signal us to add or subtract. We will also be introduced to finding the missing addend.

Parent Teacher Conferences

November conferences are right around the corner! Please remember to sign up for your child's conference through this link.

Star Student

Congratulations to our Star Student of the week- Cheyanne

When your child is selected for Star Student here are some details about what to expect:

Monday- Bring in a bag full of goodies! This is a great day for show and tell. Show your favorite family pictures, toys, recipes, games, etc… You name it and we would love to see it!

Tuesday- Have your mom, dad, or someone special write a letter or poem about you. This could be a funny story or a more sentimental one. I will read the letter aloud to our entire class!

Wednesday- Bring in your favorite book from home to be read to the class.

Thursday- Lunch with the teacher!

Friday- Your friends in room 15 will create a poster for you to take home, display and keep forever!