November 6, 2020

From the Supt.
Dear Panther Families~

The positivity rate in Marion County is increasing and has reached close to 20%; however, at KCSD our positivity rate for students and staff remains very low.

On Thursday, November 5:

  • 3 out of 2,000 students/staff are positive cases
  • 1.17% of students and 1.09% of staff were absent due to illness

At this time, we will continue our current plan: Face-to-Face learning with a virtual option for those families that have already chosen that model. We will continue to require face-coverings, and encourage hand-washing, sanitizing, and social distancing. Please keep students home if they are sick. These things all seem to be working. Below is the table that shows our data for the past five weeks. If you have questions, please contact me.

Cassi Pearson, KCSD Superintendent

309 W Main Street, Knoxville, IA 50138

o: (641) 842-6551


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Coins for Caring

Throughout the month of October, each classroom collected loose change to help support West Elementary staff members that were dealing with a major health concern or they had a child that was dealing with a major health concern. We are humbled and grateful for the participation we received from students/parents. Each classroom contributed to a grand total of $1,666.48. This amount will be split evenly between three West Elementary staff members that are in need right now. THANK YOU for being a part of our caring community at West Elementary. We will be talking with our students about how much their generosity, enthusiasm, and help can make a positive impact and difference in the lives of others.

Affirmations in Guidance

Northstar students are learning about thoughts and how we can choose which ones to believe. We’ve learned about our gremlin, which says mean things to us and we’ve learned about affirmations, which are positive messages we tell ourselves. They got to do some scratch art with their favorite affirmation in guidance. Make sure you ask them about their gremlin and their affirmation!

8th Grade U.S. History

Students are finishing up their projects demonstrating the historical importance of key events that took place during the colonial development of America.

US History @ KMS

Yearbook Cover Contest

This year, we have brought back the Yearbook Cover Contest! Please help me in congratulating the winners, and thanking all of the students who submitted their art to the contest.

KHS Art Classes

Art courses being offered this semester include: Crafts, Art 1, Graphic Design 1, Drawing and Painting and 3-D Art. Crafts class has been working with a variety of mediums such as: colored pencil, construction paper and clay. Students will be working with wood burners, scrapbooking and candle making in the near future. Art 1 has worked with colored pencils, oil pastels, pastels and charcoal. They will do some sketching and painting soon. Graphic Design 1 has created a company and created a logo to go along with that company. They have also created posters, cartoon characters, greeting cards and different food wrappers. Soon they will design a CD and DVD cover as well as a cereal box and magazine cover. Next, we will do some pixelated graphic art on their Ipads. The Drawing and Painting class has worked with various mediums such as: colored pencil, pencil, charcoal, pastels and ink. They will work with acrylic and watercolor paints next quarter. The 3-D Art class has mostly worked with clay, which is a student favorite. We start with hand building techniques and then they can move on to the pottery wheel if they choose. Students are allowed to try additional 3-D forms of art as well.


  • Congratulations to Norah Pearson & Seth Walraven on their outstanding cross country seasons and for representing Knoxville High School at the State Meet last week!

  • Best of luck to our students performing in these upcoming postseason contests:

    • Varsity Girls Swimming: Regional Meet on Sat, Nov. 7 at Southeast Polk High School, 1200 PM

    • Dance Team: State Championships on Wednesday, November 18 in Des Moines at Wells Fargo Arena, first performance at 824 AM


High School winter sports start this coming Monday!! High School winter sports information is here. The bulk of our plan to address COVID this winter in activities remains the same from this fall. Here is our complete Winter Activities Plan.


In partnership with Ramaeker Enterprises Inc., we are excited to offer the Knoxville Store - the online apparel store for Knoxville Panther gear!

This link can be found on our school website: and then click on the "Knoxville Store."

This store features apparel/gear with items from our new brand system with logo marks that have never been on the market! These are exclusive Knoxville Panther items you will only find here!

Some items on this store will stay from month to month - some items will change so that there are constantly new items to choose from for Panther fans!

Orders will be processed twice a month - on the 15th and at the end of the month and Ramaeker Enterprises will email you when your order is ready.

NFHS Network

For events in our high school gym, we will stream on the NFHS Network ( and then search for Knoxville), a subscription-based service.

When our team is on the road and the host school offers a livestream - we will post that link on Facebook with the host school spectator guidelines that have been sent to us - this will ensure to our viewing public the post/link is authentic. We will also stream all concerts in KPAC on there as well.


Get schedules for all extra-curricular middle school and high school activities by going to and then clicking on "Activities Calendar". You can even sign-up for email notifications so whenever we make a change to a schedule - you can be notified immediately.


Follow the Knoxville Activities Department on Instagram! @knoxvilleactivities

A Friendly Reminder:

A friendly reminder: Students, make sure you have a mask every day! Have your mask on before you come in the building, put some extras in your backpack. Parents: please, make sure your student has a mask every day.

Your child with special needs started preschool: Now What?

At the end of summer, many parents sent their children off to school with relieved grins on their faces. But if you sent your child to an early education program for the first time this year, you may have experienced more complex emotions. Especially if your child has special needs.
Try not to fret; there are plenty of resources and experts out there to help make the transition as smooth as possible. There is more and more research available that supports the benefits of inclusion for young children with and without disabilities. Studies have shown that individualized evidence-based strategies for children with disabilities can be implemented successfully in inclusive early childhood programs, according to the U.S. Department of Education.
Here is a list of things that you can considered to help your assure your child stays developmentally on track.
1. Start the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process as early as possible. This process can be very involved and often overwhelming. Unfortunately, the longer you wait, the more daunting it can become.
2. Communication is crucial. Not communicating upfront often leads to increasingly inefficient communication down the road.
3. Start a routine for before and after school. Regular routines help kids cooperate, learn to take charge, and keep a schedule. Routines give child consistency, certainty and safety.
4. Get Involved. Join the parent-teacher committee, serve as “lead” parent for your child’s classroom, and volunteer when asked. If your schedule is just too hectic to commit to large time investment, at least be sure to always attend parent-teacher conferences, IEP meeting and program-wide functions.

Benefits of Reading

Shared reading time is critically important for improving early literacy skills and strengthening the bonds between parents and their children.
Help boost your child’s vocabulary skills by defining and discussing new words that pop up when reading.
There are lots of places to find great books to read to your child. Public libraries are always a free and fun experience for young children

Have questions about your child’s development… Contact the 1st Five Health Mental Development Initiative with Marion County Public Health.

2020-21 KCSD Academic Calendar

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