Ms. Foster's Class News

November 10, 2014

Important Information

  • Tuesday is our Veteran's Day celebration. Students will be outside in the morning. Please dress for the weather.
  • The weather is getting cooler; therefore I will no longer allow water bottles unless there is a medical concern.

Dates to Remember

Library is Tuesday.

November 11 - Veteran's Day Celebration

November 26 - 28 No School

Curriculum Notes for Week 1

Reading: This week we will finish Unit 3: Western Expansion. Our focus will be the understanding the historical significance of a story. We will finish reading our book called, Lewis and Clark: In Their Own Words. We will decide whether Lewis and Clark Expedition story was a achievement or a disaster story.

Week 2 Vocabulary: contribution, achievement, disaster

Writing: We will be looking texts about Lewis and Clark and writing our own opinion on whether the Lewis and Clark story was an Achievement or Disaster story.

Spelling: We are continuing to study words with the Schwa syllable. Test Tuesday. The next set of words will be introduced on Wednesday and the test will be November 18th. We will continue this pattern until Thanksgiving.

Math: This week in Math we will use standard method of multiplication to multiply 3 and 4 digit numbers by 1 digit. There will be facts quiz on Friday. Topic 6 test will be Nov. 13

Social Studies: We are discussing the Lewis and Clark Expedition. There will be a test over the information on November 18. The study guide is attached.

Math Topic 6 Objectives

  • Multiply using arrays and an expanded algorithm
  • Connect the expanded and standard algorithms for multiplication
  • Multiply 2- digit by 1- digit numbers
  • Multiply 3- and 4- digit numbers by 1- digit numbers
  • Multiply by 1- digit numbers
  • Evaluate word problems for missing or extra information

Reading and Writing Objectives for 2nd Quarter:

Reading Objectives:

  • Use a variety of texts to infer in order to explain historical events and consider alliterate perspectives of characters.
  • Read and compare and contrast expository nonfiction, narrative nonfiction, and historical nonfiction, paying attention to the importance of the setting.
  • Read and use primary documents and text to gain understanding and knowledge of historical events.
  • Gather information about a historical fiction text and learn about a specific time period.
  • Research and analyze firsthand and secondhand accounts, charts, graphs, and maps.
Writing Objectives:
  • Write in a variety of formats to reflect on learning.
  • Elaborate on thoughts and ideas using details from the text.
  • Express opinions in writing using reasons and details to support opinions clearly.
  • Compose a literary essay using transitions to link ideas, and writing introductions and conclusions.
Content Objectives:
  • Evaluate the impact of the westward expansion on Native Americans
  • Locate and describe settlements to Missouri of people of European and African heritage

  • Summarize the events of westward expansion

  • Sequence events of the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • Explain Missouri's role in Civil War
  • Describe the changes in Missouri since the Civil War in education, transportation, and communication
  • Outline issues of Missouri Statehood, such as the Missouri Compromise