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Update for May 18, 2020

Hello GIS students and families!

Thank you for your continued support and for working with us as we rolled out our first week of remote instruction. A few notes and reminders for our families:

  • Avoid including lunch numbers or passwords in emails to staff. This information is very sensitive and we are doing everything we can to protect it from being misused.
  • Remind students about the dangers of sharing their username and passwords, if any student asked your child for that information, please report it to the teacher immediately.
  • Daily announcements can be found on our new Goshen Intermediate Facebook page at
  • The reading challenge is in full swing! If your child would like to catch up on a day, they can double their reading time. In the end, parents will just verify the reading has been completed. As a reward, if 300 students complete the challenge, the students will get to vote on a consequence for me. LINK TO READING CHALLENGE (SPANISH VERSION)
  • A new link can be found below for Chromebook requests. We will do our best to get these out to you when necessary, while still protecting our staff.
  • Click Follow on the right side of the screen to get updates every time we add new information to this page.

We hope everyone is well and healthy.

Chromebook Request Form

Fill out this form if you are in need of a Chromebook for GIS students only. An email will be sent when we are able to get a Chromebook assigned while protecting the health of our staff.

Lunch Bunch with Mrs. O'Connor

Hello parents/guardians,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. I am Mrs. O’Connor, your students' nurse at G.I.S. My daily involvement with students during a typical school day takes place in several ways. One function is to connect with the students and focus on body, mind, and spirit. Ensuring the overall wellness of each child in the school setting. Another function is to facilitate student lunch groups. During our time away from each other, we at G.I.S. recognize the need for our students to remain connected to their peers. The "Lunch Bunch" group will replace the daily lunch sign-up in the health office. Please be aware these groups are not counseling sessions. A "Lunch Bunch" group usually consists of 2-5 students that meet once a month for lunch. Each lunch is focused on friendships. These groups are great for any student, including, students that have difficulty making friends, those that enjoy small groups, and children that can serve as role models. In these groups, the students eat lunch together, listen to age-appropriate music, (dance if the spirit moves them!), as well as and work on important self-directed social skills, such as taking turns, active listening, communication, and assertiveness.

All students have the opportunity to sign up for a Lunch Bunch group.

Google Meet-Lunch Bunch

Students can send me an email at and I will schedule a "Lunch Bunch" to meet with them during their non-instructional time via email to set up. Students are encouraged to include the name of any friends they would like to include in their lunch and I will do my best to accommodate them.

Google Classroom

Username: firstname.lastname

Password: stlunchnumber

Important! At home you have to add to your username. For example:


Password: stlunchnumber

All Goshen Remote Instruction Guidance

Online instruction information, resources & video tutorials. Start here for help on everything Google, accounts, and assistance.

Additional Learning Resources

We have a second newsletter to families with links to various web-based learning resources. We will continue to update the list throughout our closure. Our sincere hope

Learning Schedule

Monday/ Wednesday: ELA and Social Studies

Tuesday/ Thursday: Math and Science

Friday: Special Areas

Work Expectations at GIS

  • All student work will now be posted via Google Classroom.

  • All student work will be assessed based on the completion and quality of work. Based on these criteria, we are also modifying the third-trimester grading system to Pass/Fail for all students.

  • It is imperative that students access their assignments and projects daily and that they are diligent in completing each task assigned.

  • Assignments will be marked as Complete or Incomplete by the classroom teacher.

  • Although students will not receive grades, feedback will be provided, where appropriate. The feedback provided will be prompt and meaningful.

  • Teachers will utilize the comments area of the report card to provide a narrative regarding student performance. All factors will be used for determining placements and promotion for the 2020-21 school year.

Student expectations

  • Students are expected to participate in instruction, complete assignments and communicate regularly with their teachers

  • Each student must log in to their homeroom account and complete the daily do now/ check-in activity. By completing this activity, we will be able to remain connected with students and instill in them a necessary habit of checking their Google Classroom each and every day

  • Students must connect to their special areas Google Classroom, invites have been sent to each student. If they are unable to find the class, please message the homeroom teacher for the code.

  • Students are expected to log into their GCSNY accounts when completing school work. Access to accounts outside the GCSNY organization will not be provided. By logging into the school account, teachers are better able to monitor student work and send links directly to a child’s computer screen.

  • Students are prohibited from taking screenshots or pictures of their teacher or fellow students. In addition, students are also prohibited from taking any audio or video recordings.

  • Students must log into only their own accounts and refrain from asking other students for usernames and passwords or logging into another student’s account. These behaviors violate our policies and could result in disciplinary action.

  • Students are reminded to follow the Goshen Central School District Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use Policies. Consequences for violating acceptable use policies may be enforced at a later date

Parents/guardian expectations

  • Provide a private setting for students during online instruction or related services

  • Communicate with the teaching staff regularly as we begin to ensure we are able to work through problems and find solutions

  • Recording of teachers or other students is prohibited (any such recording will be considered a violation of Board of Education policies)

  • Any incidental and/or unintentional viewing/hearing will be kept confidential

  • We encourage our parents and guardians to continue to support your children as they embark on this new and unfamiliar way of learning

Special Areas

All lessons will be available through Google Classroom. Log into your Google Classroom account and select your grade level class.

Contact Information

  • All teachers will be holding office hours in which to work with students and parents individually. Please check your child’s Google Classroom for the specific hours being held by their teacher.

  • Each teacher now has a voicemail box. You are now able to leave a message for teachers by calling our main number at (845) 615-6500 and dialing their extension. Please reach out to the teacher for their individual extension.

  • Parents must make sure their parent/guardian phone numbers and email addresses are accurate in SchoolTool/Parent Portal. If you need to update this information, please visit Any necessary contact information changes will be made as soon as possible.

  • Please be aware that most staff will be making phone calls using *67 and the phone number will likely arrive as an unlisted call. If you have unlisted numbers blocked on your phone, you will likely not receive any calls from your child’s teacher.

Additional Support Staff

Our staff is available to support students and families as well. They are available by email to schedule an appointment at a mutually agreeable time.

Mr. Haller (School Counselor):

Mrs. Kurpick (School Psychologist):

Mrs. O’Connor (School Nurse):

Mrs. Nicholson (Attendance and Bilingual Aide):

We understand that this may not be a perfect process and we are grateful for everyone’s continued support, understanding, and resilience. If you have difficulties navigating Google Classroom or run into technological issues, please email your child’s teacher or Mrs. Parchinski at

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