JSD Year 1 Newsletter

Week Ending Friday 14th March 2014

What have we done this week?


This week the children have been writing adventure stories about ‘Traction Man’. Some children wrote in the format of a comic strip and others in a story format. They tried hard to write in sentences , remembering capital letters and full stops. They also created some speech bubbles to go with a Traction Man picture. The children thought about what the character might say.

The children then stepped away from ‘Traction Man’ and looked at some tricky high frequency words. The children thought about sentence structure and wrote sentences containing the words help, can, brown, blue, hero, the, when and book.

In handwriting some children concentrated on their letter formation of printed lower case letters. Some children continued to join two letters with cursive writing.


The children were learning about clocks again and revising times of o’clock and half past. They also looked at organising information into simple tables. Mental maths tested the children’s rapid recall of maths facts.

Useful Vocabulary:

Reading time



Home time




Half Past

Long hand

Short hand

Organise and interpret information





Least, most

Fewer, more



In science the children looked at and discussed different objects made of wood. They also grouped a selection of materials, thinking about and discussing the properties of each.


This week the children created split pin Traction Men with moving arms and legs. We also drew around some children and made life size super hero pictures. Look out for these around the school.

For Design Technology the children have started to investigate their new topic ‘Puppets’. They looked at puppets from around the world and discussed the features of puppets.


The children read the “Little Red Riding Hood” story and added voice overs and sound effects to make the story come alive. This leads into next week when the children will be making Traction Man stories come alive by creating comic strips on the iPads.

Other Information

It was lovely to see the children sharing their favourite pieces of work with their parents on Monday morning. The leaves that parent’s comments were written on have been made into a tree which is on display in the atrium. Likewise it was lovely to catch up with so many parents at the parent consultations this week.

On Friday 21st March the children are invited to bring in their favourite action hero toy into school. The children will talk to their class for a few minutes about why their toy is a ‘hero’. The children can bring in traditional heroes ie plastic action men or Powder Puff girls and so forth. If the children don’t have a ‘traditional’ action hero then they can bring in one toy and explain why it is heroic, ie a stuffed teddy that helped save their dolls, a toy doll who has done heroic deeds for their other toys and so forth.

Have a lovely weekend!

The Year 1 Team