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Need my help?

When someone from Prep's faculty or staff needs my help, they often say "I don't want to bother you," or "I'm sure you're too busy right now." To stop anyone from having to worry about that (and know that you're never bothering me by asking for help!), I'm creating Appointment Slots on my calendar. This will allow you to pencil yourself in for a 30-minute appointment for me to come to your room and work with you on anything you'd like. This way you'll know that I'm definitely free during this time.

This doesn't mean you can't just email me to ask me a quick question (or a complicated question) or flag me down in the hallway. I promise I won't turn away and tell you to book an appointment! These will just be an extra way for me to help all of you -- and you'll know that I'm definitely available during these appointment times.

Go here to book a time (and I'll add this link to my email signature if you need to find it again):

This link will take you to the current day on my calendar. The first available day is Monday, so use the arrows to skip to next week and you'll see your options. I've only created slots for next week so far, but I'll keep adding more.

Make Your Own Appointment Slots

These can be useful for any meeting times you'd like to offer to a group. Whether it's extra help for students or setting up conferences with parents, you can quickly create a block of time divided into as many appointment slots you'd like or create a repeating time every day that anyone can access through email or even your Google Classroom page. All they need is the link Google Calendar creates from your specified slots.

As people book appointments, it removes the offer for others to choose that time and adds itself to your personal calendar. Less work for you and everyone is on the same page.

To add Appointments Slots:

Go to your Google Calendar and look at your calendar in Week view. Click on the day and time you'd like to begin offering appointments, and you'll see this window pop up:
Big image
Instead of filling out any info, click "Appointment Slots" at the top of the window. Now, you'll see this window:
Big image
Go ahead and click "Edit details" and you'll be taken to a screen that will let you choose a time block, allow you to repeat the time block if you'd like, and offer to split the block into smaller booking slots or leave it as a single appointment slot.

And that's it. Make sure you save it and then copy the link that's generated (it's that long blue link in the middle of the page) to place in an email to parents or anywhere where everyone can have access to visit it.

You may have noticed that my link above is much shorter. I'm using URL Shortener, which is a Chrome extension. More about that later. If you'd like to start using it now and don't know where to start, make an appointment and I'll stop by.

Thanks for reading!

Feel free to e-mail me any questions.