Childrens's music author

and performer Andrew Gagne

What can be done with this profession and how can it help children in our society today?

Children are extreemly influential as they grow. Music never stops influencing even the smartest person.
the humming baby!
Little Korean Kid Sings Hey Jude
children use music for everything from actual songs to little tunes in their heads

Children can learn from music just by simple nursery songs, some new and some very old.

The Five Senses -Educational Children's Song

Websights like hooplakids helps parents teach their children with music. It teaches simple things like the ABCs


Education for me would be to professionaly learn an instrament such as a guitar or piano. Many Collages support the arts, such as the Hartt School of Music, Dance and Theater. Many give an education for Child Care, and to become a music teacher for an elementary school or even a Highschool.


to write music for children could be simple. However people need to buy your music. Another way to gain a salary from this profession is to become a music teacher for an elementary school. being a School Music teacher. payment would average to $51,380 per year



Music keeps you mentally fit and able to afford nessesitys. writing can be powerful, because it alows us to poor our emotions into it.



starting with this Career is obviously difficult, because you may not get there fast anough. in society today, people are extreemly judgmental, so its either you make it in the music world or you dont. Sadly it is extreemly harsh. With the rite knowledge you can get anywhere, even as a children's music writer.

all this sounds borring, actually its quite amazing!


With a job like this you get what ever hours you want with a few with the people who want to pay you for your work and publish it. It can be very hard.

Job perspective

Stay happy and confident it is a hard world. Children love music that has a story, a fable or a, sence of humor. If a song is down and unconfident a child reacts to the emotion of the song.


Skills include the knowledge of music. One Must have the will to learn an instrament and how to creat music with it. writing isnt just putting dots on a paper like a type of brail. it takes skill and patience like teaching a child.

In this field of work you are your own intership and leader

I have started writin music when i was 9 but till this day i have never shown them to anybody. Fear of my work being rejected is scary. But one day i will

now for the fun stuff that you can get out of this profession

Child Laughing • Jokes Shayries sms Online Games
Children can sence the joy in a tone or the anger of sadness. just by the happy noise the baby found joy and laughter!
children can learn from music. but also they can play with it, even if it is really tacky! ;)