i'm a girl

Does that mean i'm equal

I'm a girl but am i equal?

Depends on who you ask, ask a girl, ask a girl who gets perfect grades, but her teacher says "you did good, for a girl." Ask a girl who has a beautiful personality, but is considered "ugly" because she doesn't have a large chest, big butt, perfect skin, or a perfect figure. Ask a female model who wears almost zero clothing to sell some product and is considered attractive, but if a guy does it the idea is dumb. Ask a girl if they feel equal.

take a minute and think about it

Emojis show girls wearing pink, only caring about their nails and hair, while the boys are surfing, working, doing something important. Why cant i have an emoji girl working or doing something with her life, why cant a girl do something a boy can?

"you did good...for a girl."

She's a comedian, shes amazing at what she does. She makes everyone laugh, but one night she gets off the stage to grab a drink a handsome man walks up to her "hey you did really great up there," he said kindly, "thanks i-" "i mean you did really well for a girl that is."

do you even realize how self conscious that makes someone, i mean you don't hear me going around saying, "wow you did great... for a guy." you'd be offended right? so why is it okay for you to say that to me, hm?

I like her looks not her...

My best friend who lets call... Liz is has a flat chest and butt, her skin is not flawless, but she is beautiful if you got to know her. Me on the other hand i have a large chest, my butt is pretty fine, my skin isn't perfect, but its nice. I'm considered attractive, but if you took the time to see the real me and not the girl on the outside i'd be a lot less attractive, so do me a favor and get to know me not see me.

What are we teaching our children

do you want your daughter to think that she cant do it because she's a girl? do you want your son to think its okay to treat 'her' like a lesser being? do want our children to think girls cant do it because they are weak and fragile? cause if that's what we want the new generation to be like then we might as well go back in time to where only white men were happy and respected. No its not just sexism that's a problem its racism and so many other things, but for some reason the white male is perfect.

So are women equal?

If by equal you mean an object for men to stare at then yeah, if you mean a woman can't do anything a man can cause she's "weak", then yeah women are equal, but if you mean "are girls respected in modern times" then no. Sexism never stopped it just morphed into today.