Culture War & the Supreme Court

By:Karina Ramos

Boyton V. Virginia 1960

  • Racial Segregation
An African American law student was accused for trespassing. By being in a bus terminal which was "Whites Only".
  • Racial segregation in public transportation was illegal because violated the interstate commerce Act.

Gomillion V. Lightfoot 1960

In this case it was said that Blacks violated the 15th Amendment. The state of Alabama re-created the Tuskegee city boundaries to eliminate most African American residents to prevent them from voting in city elections.

Griswold v. Connecticut 1965

In this case it talked about the ban on the use of contraceptives violated the right to marital privacy. The 1879 law said, "any person who uses any drug, medicinal article or instrument for the purposes of preventing conception shall be fined not less than forty dollars or imprisoned not less than sixty days." Estelle Griswold was arrested and guilty for providing illegal contraception.

Presbyterian Church V. Hull Church 1969

two local churches from the parent body claimed that, the church had departed from it's original tenants. The two churches voted to secede from the parent organization. They were upset over the parent body's decisions to make a women priest or minister, its position similar to the Vietnam War and other social issues, the embrace of ""neo-orthodoxy" and denial of the Holy Trinity.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ginsburg might retire sometime next year or maybe the year after that. Ginsburg's seat will go to a conservative and conservative court will move further to the right.

John Paul Stevens

Stevens served from December 19, 1975, until his retirement on June 29, 2010. He was in the liberal side of the court. He was a registered Republican. He had a moderately conservative record.


What I've understood about Cultural Wars is that it happens because there are two different type of people. Some that are liberal and some that are conservative and when they bump into each other that's when the conflicts begin, because they have different beliefs and different type of thinking.