All About Kenley Blevins

All you need to know about me!

Meet ME

Hi! I'm Kenley and I am 12. I go to Lubbock Cooper Middle School and I am a 7th grader.I am super athletic. I love to run and eat healthy. My life is SUPER busy. I play sports 24/7 all day every day. I am in NJHS and STUCO. I am a straight A student. I have NEVER EVER made a B on my report card. I have an older sister and a younger brother. I have two dogs Tipper and Maxx. Honestly, I like Tipper more than Maxx. But I love them both. I have lots of friends and I love to be a leader. I am trustworthy and responsible. I am also aggressive when it comes to competition and sports. I HATE losing. I am on A team basketball and was on A team volleyball. I also love the Houston rockets in basketball and the Oklahoma Sooners in College football.

What being a leader means to me...

Being a leader is really is really important. A leader is someone who helps people out when in need and they go out of their way to be nice. A leader is responsible, honest, trustworthy, kind, giving, and caring. Leaders aren't followers!

My Famous Influential Leaders

My Leaders in my Life

My papa

My papa is the number 1 leader in my life. He always saw the up side of things no matter how bad they were. He always was my number 1 fan. Any event i had he would try his best to get to my game no matter how bad he felt. He always supported me and I would try my best to support him too. He passed away January 15, 2015.

My mom

She always been there for me. She takes me places when i need her too. She is my number 2 fan. (she supports me a lot) She tries her best to get us the things me want even when we don't need them or we don't deserve them. I love her lots.

Coach Simmons

He has had a really big impact on my life. He has told me to work hard to reach my goals. He also tells me to be aggressive. He also has made me laugh quite a few times and I'm really really sad that he is moving. He has been my favorite coach.

Short Term Goals

  • To run 5 miles WITHOUT STOPPING
  • Continue to eat healthy( I eat healthy ALOT)
  • Keep working hard in my sports

Long Term Goals

  • Going to a great college with a scholarship
  • To meet my role models
  • Being healthy and strong when I'm older
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