Moi Digital Dossier

Harsh Patel

The Beginning

My digital dossier had probably started before I even entered this world. Probably my ultrasound. Ever since my birth, I have left tons and tons of recorded information about me. Some of that information that makes up my dossier were left by purpose while some were left unintentionally. Either way, that information is still out there and it makes up my digital dossier.

Moi Digital Dossier

My digital dossier is like my Google account profile. It is all of the information that I have posted online and the tracks that I have left behind. The more information I continue to give, the more information it will have. A digital dossier is like the footprints you leave behind when your walking. These footprints or traces that you have left behind make up your digital dossier. Some examples are

  • my YouTube history
  • my google searches
  • my address which I gave to Ebay when ordering something online
  • the first school I studied at when I first came to Canada
  • my birth files (my birth date, gender, weight, my baby photo, etc...)
  • the Hotmail I sent at 4:35 on the 5th March of 2015
  • the photos and other things I shared/posted on my FaceBook

The End

As I grow up, my digital dossier will also grow. I am just a 12 years old right now. My dossier will continue to increase because I will be leaving more traces. For example, when I am in university or once I become an engineer or when I get married. Even after my death, my recorded information or my dossier will continue. It started before I entered this universe and it will continue even after my departure.