pastry chef

Suzanne Dorr


a professional cook who specializes in making desserts, especially cakes and pastries

skills needed to do this job

creativity- making new and original desserts to attract customers

leadership- in charge of pastry staff in kitchen, assigning tasks and hiring other professionals to complete the job

sense of taste and smell- for tasting good and tasteful foods that are baked

hand-eye coordination- for working with knives and piping bags

time management- for baking things in a certain amount of time

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pastry chefs need history of work in the kitchen. learning from other bakers. also experience through training at a college school 2-4 year degree training required

working envirement

the working environment with they will be working in is very crowded, hot, fast, and busy. lots of stress (if business is good) needs to be good at management


the medium income for being a pastry chef annually is $39842. can either be a full time or part time job depends on hours needed. its mostly a full time job though.

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