We need a new SPR!

State and Provincial Representatives (SPR’s) act as liaisons to members in their respective state or province. They represent the concerns and voice of the Association’s membership. Representatives also work closely with the Past President and Senior Member-At-Large throughout the year sharing information regarding their state or province through ongoing reports and in preparation for their role during the annual conference. State and Provincial Representatives (SPR’s) will apply for the position before the annual conference and will serve in the role for a 2 year term.

More information about the SPR responsibilities can be found on the AIMHO website:

Deadline to apply is Thursday, October 21st!

Email interest to Richard Clark at by Friday, October 21st at 5pm. SPRs will be selected prior to the AIMHO Annual Conference and announced no later than at the annual conference.

We need your feedback...

With the adoption of a new strategic plan in July 2015, ACUHO-I established the Regional Affiliation Task Force under the presidency of Tom Ellet. The task force worked in collaboration to develop its charge with the Executive Board of ACUHO-I and it was officially approved and signed by 2015-2016 ACUHO-I President Allan Blattner in September 2015. Of important note, the task force was not charged with examination of structure, organization, fees, membership, or governance of either ACUHO-I or the regional affiliates, and quickly developed a belief from the beginning that to do so would derail the committee from its purpose. The primary goal of the task force was to determine how the regional affiliates and ACUHO-I can better partner together in order to improve student housing, accommodations, and residence life and for the betterment of our profession.

The attached draft report is representative of the task force’s recommendations up this point throughout the 18 month process. At this point the task force would like to get regional membership feedback on this document (formatting and content) by November 4, 2016. I realize the timing of this is sudden with the conference season upon us, but I wanted to send this out for your review and feedback as soon as possible. In order to give the AIMHO Executive Team time to properly compile your feedback I ask that you complete your review and provide your feedback HERE no later than 5:00pm on October 28, 2016.

If you have questions or thoughts that I can help clarify please feel free to reach out. I thank you in advance for your support of the this process and consideration of feedback of this report.

Take care and chat soon


Jeff W. Rosenberry

AIMHO President