Ms. Swick and Mr. Gledhill

Weekly Newsletter (10/10-10/14)

Upcoming Important Dates!

10/20 Picture Retakes


10/28 FALL Party 11:00-12:00

***SOCKTOBER - Bring in new pairs of youth and adult socks to donate to the homeless!

***Please don't forget to send in any saved BOXTOPS you may have!


We have been working very hard in math...factors/multiples along with prime/composite factors. Next week we will be finishing up our unit with prime factorization before we take our unit test.

Quicktables for additon and subtraction were due today...we took a fact test on paper to make sure everyone had their facts down... if they scored 95% or better on their test today OR they finished their Quicktables they will NOT receive a fact log on Monday. As I have shared with students, the math log is not a punishment, it is merely a way to show they are practicing their facts at home. Once they pass both their addition and subtraction facts students can move on to multiplication. Once students are fluent with their facts they will find it so much easier to move on to other concepts.

ALEKS Update!

· Don't forget 10 topics are due every MONDAY morning. These topics are in addition to the Quicktables. If students have passed their addition and subtraction on Quicktables they may move on to Multiplication...MULTIPLICATION DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 2ND!

  • Quicktables – this is the fluency practice through ALEKS. Students can practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division on here 6 days a week for a maximum of 15 min. per day. (This is the maximum amount of time I am able to set the program to)

    • IF your child needs additional time to practice they can use other websites, paper/pencil, flash cards, timed tests, etc.)

  • Under the menu bar on the left hand side of the screen (click on the three lines to pull this menu down) .... you can click on Worksheets to print out extra practice for your child IF you so desire...I am not requiring this, however I know some parents would like additional practice for their child.

  • Also under the menu bar on the left hand side of the screen you can click on Reports, under This Weeks Activity - Time and Topics...view full report you can see a wealth of information...from how much time they spent for the week to how many topics they have completed.

As we are finishing up our earth science unit we completed an experiment on plate tectonics and really seemed to enjoy both experiments! We will be starting our next unit in social studies next week on government.

Below are a couple websites that are helpful if your child is having trouble with a particular topic in math and for playing games based on Ohio 4th grade Math Standards.

Language Arts

We took the latest Word of the Day quiz today.

Next week we'll still have spelling, despite having Friday off. I am sending the words home today, and we'll take the test on Thursday.

Attached to the words is a printout summary of the unit's spelling rules/patterns. It's what will be taught next week during our spelling lessons, but it could be a nice study tool for home.

We are in the process of revising, editing, and typing the final draft to our Brown Bag Essay. Students have done a terrific job going through the writing process.

And we are continuing our Historical Fiction Genre of the Month. We've talked and read extensively about the Great Depression and Dust Bowl. Please ask your son or daughter what they've learned.

The Reading Log letter that was collected today will be kept by me as a spot writing sample. I will collect samples throughout the school year to show students how their writing has improved.

The BAS reading comprehension assessment window begins on Monday. Everyone's assessment will be completed by the first Learner's Profile (grade card), which goes home November 11th.

Have a great weekend. Go CLE Indians!