Best place on earth

The Big Statue

You may recognize this place. It's the place with the "Big Statue". That large statue is actually a monument to Christ (the savior). It was built originally to be a place to worship Christianity, although now it has turned into one of the must see monuments around the world. Just one reason to visit Rio.

Activities in Rio

World Cup

Going to see the World Cup finals in 2014. In 2014 the FIFA World Cup will be hosted by Rio De Janeiro. Come see the best soccer in the world.

Hoping for Italy!


Rio is one the most ideal tourist attractions. Their is the one and only giant Christ Statue. The countless activities (Don't worry their is a casino). As well as, one of the biggest sporting events (FIFA world Cup) will be held in Rio very soon. So come and visit Rio today!

Visit Rio Today

Hop on a plane, train, bus, or car and come to Rio today!