News Update of Apartheid

Did Apartheid?

Nelson and Apartheid

Nelson helped create equal rights by ending Apartheid. Nelson been in jail and He show away to be clam and lead even though he was in jail.

DeKlerk and Apartheid

Deklerk was the person who help create equal rights by not sporting to not end Apartheid and he was the one that let out Nelson.

The Rights the Blacks had Now and then

The blacks had little rights back then. And black have more rights then back then. Black are still separated from the white but they still have more right now.

Life Now in south Africa

The life now is more peaceful then back then. The white still don't think the black are good to live near or by, But the blacks still have more right now then back then.

Life during Aparthied

The life during Apartheid was madness. Many people were kill and Many more. they were bulled and were kicked even Raped! It was bad.