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2nd Annual House Cup Competition

PMA Piano Dept. House Cup Competition

PMA is pleased to host our 2nd annual House Cup Competition between the piano studios beginning February 22nd! Each teacher has created his/her own "house" with a composer name and a lovable animal mascot. Students will earn points during every lesson in such areas as music theory, practice time, warm-up routines, composition, memorization, and much more! We also plan to include special themes every two weeks focusing on topics such as the blues, great pianists, and compositional exploration. Every student will have the opportunity to earn a maximum of 5-6 points per week!

Check out the announcements in the lobby each day as we will be posting point totals and theme-week house winners! The contest ends the week of the Spring recitals. The winning house will get to keep the house cup trophy in their studio for the next year, and the house instructor will wear the house colors and robe during the Spring recitals!

The House Cup requirements will be passed out to each student over the next two weeks. Please speak to your instructor about any specifics regarding the competition. We hope this will be a fun, friendly competition that encourages more practice and creative learning!

Your PMA "Houses"

Prof. Kari Engleson - House Brahms. Colors Red and Cream. Mascot = Hedgehog

Prof. Julie Baskinger - House Granados. Colors Light and Dark Blue. Mascot = Bull

Prof. Julie Olson - House Liszt. Colors Orange and Brown. Mascot = Cheetah

Prof. Peter Baggenstoss - House Monk. Colors Green and Yellow. Mascot = Monkey