The Hobbit Infoposter

Project Guidelines

Author and Title

(2 points)


Write a brief summary of the novel IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Your summary must be 5-10 sentences long. You may NOT write what has been written about the book. (10 points)

Favorite Quotes

You need to list FOUR of your favorite quotes from the novel- this can be narration or dialogue. Be sure to include who is speaking if it is dialogue. (8 points)


Feature two of your favorite characters. Briefly describe each character in 3-5 sentences. (10 points)






  • Include the theme of The Hobbit. This should be a sentence that describes the lesson the reader will learn. (10 points)

The Ordinary World

  • (5 points)

  • Where does Bilbo begin? What are his favorite things?

The Call to Adventure

  • (5 points)

  • How does Bilbo receive the call?

Refusal of the Call

  • (5 points)

  • How does Bilbo respond to the call?

Meeting with the Mentor

  • (5 points)

  • Who is his mentor and why does he think Bilbo is the right person for the job?

Crossing the Threshold

  • (5 points)
  • Where does the ordinary world slip away and the special world begin? Are his fears truly overcome at this point?

Tests, Allies, and Enemies

  • (5 points)

  • Who are Bilbo’s Friends? Who are his enemies? List at least 3 tests that Bilbo faced during his journey.How is he tested?

The Approach

  • (5 points)

  • What does the company review? Who is to carry out the most difficult part of the plan?

The Ordeal

  • (5 points)

  • What is the biggest life-or-death challenge that Bilbo faces? How does he overcome this great test?

The Reward

  • (5 points)

  • What rewards does Bilbo earn (physically and emotionally) and what rewards do others earn?

The Road Back

  • (5 points)
  • Is he happy or sad to return home?

The Ressurection

  • (5 points)

  • What happens when Bilbo returns home? What are people doing and how do they view him?

Return with the Elixir

  • (5 points)

  • Is Bilbo accepted back to the Ordinary World? How has he changed? How will this affect his future choices?