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November 2019

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Atatürk Commemorative Assembly

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder and first President of Turkish Republic was remembered at TAC in the 81st anniversary of his departure on November 10, 1938, at 09.05. The assembly started with students, teachers and parents observing a moment of silence in the school garden followed by the National Anthem and continued with the remarks of school administrators. Then, Tarsus American College students laid a wreath on the Atatürk bust. The assembly continued in the Stickler Auditorium.

I committed myself to his ideals at the age of 5.

When I was 10 years old in the theater, I played Atatürk

And danced Harmandalı at the age of 16,

And I've been following his blue eyes since I was 7.

Ever since I was born I love him and the secular idea of a new Turkish republic

love these blue eyes since I was born

The assembly which started by TAC students’ reciting verses which express their longing for Atatürk, continued with the piano, baglama, poetry and songs touching the hearts of all attending.

ATATÜRK’ü Commemorative Run

On the last two periods of Friday, November 8, prep students and teachers gathered in front of the Woolworth building, to start a very meaningful run.

The run along the specially designed track in Gözlükule had three categories: male and female students and adults. The winners were:

Male Students

1. Bora NAYCI

2. Mehmet NUR

3. Efe Batın BUDAK

Female Students

1. Gamze ONER

2. Asya YILMAZ



1. Filiz BAL

2. Mustafa SAVAŞKAN

We pay tribute to the memory of Ataturk who said “I love intelligence, agility and morals in an athlete.’’

Presentation About Grade 9 Course Selections and YKS 2022

Oktay Aydın facilitated the “Course Selection and YKS 2022 System” presentation designed for grade 9 students. During the presentation on Tuesday, November 26, the focus was the examination system and course selection process. Aydın emphasized the importance of being well-informed about the exam system and making choices based on the student interests, abilities and values as well as the importance of grade 9 year. The presentation also provided students with the opportunity to ask questions.

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Presentation About Grade 10 Course Selections and YKS 2022

As the time approaches to make their course selection, an important step in the career planning process, Oktay Aydın facilitated the “Course Selection and YKS 2022 System” presentation designed for grade 10 students. During the presentation on Tuesday, November 26, the focus was on the importance of the examination system and grade 10 year for the university exam preparation. Aydın also stressed the importance of making informed choices with familiarity about the exam system based on the students’ interests, abilities and values. The presentation also provided students with the opportunity to ask questions.

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Presentation on the YKS System and Course Selection for Grade 9 and 10 Parents

As the academic course selections, one of the important steps of the career planning process, is approaching, TAC hosted a parent presentation which stressed the importance of the grade 9 and 10 years in the YKS process and of student choices according to their interests and goals. In the presentation where the details of the YKS system were communicated, parents had the opportunity questions about the exam preparation and the exam system.

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TAC Talks Art

We hosted our first event under ”TAC Art Talks” with Nazife BİLGİN HAZAR from Mersin on the 6th of November. The painter Nazife BİLGİN HAZAR has made a name for herself in the local and national press with her mural art which pays tribute to the paintings of famous painters in Mersin. Hazar shared her experiences and art background with our students and had a pleasant conversation with them. We were pleased to host her at TAC.

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Homeroom Teaching Activities

TAC hosted a two-day training under the supervision of Akdeniz University lecturers Assc. Prof. Dr. Gülfem Çakır and Dr. Evrim Çetinkaya Yıldız, which was attended by homeroom teachers of prep and 9th grade as well as the Counseling Department. This training provided the chance to evaluate the teaching in the homeroom classes.

The 2-day study was completed in 4 separate sessions. In the morning sessions, guidance counselors Özlem Algan, İlker Kaba, Caner Aydın and Serhat Köse evaluated different class and group activities which can be given by the department. The afternoon sessions with homeroom teachers concentrated on the efficiency, challenges, advantages and impact of classroom activities.

The counseling activities, which contribute to the personal, social, academic and career mindedness development of students and which are enriched with up-to-date practices, were explained by the academicians. The training, where our teachers implemented the activities one-on-one and planned future activities, was very beneficial for all participants.

TAC Students Support Karayakup Village School

The target of the TAC Second Foreign Languages Department’s community service endeavor was to support a village school in providing for their needs through the proceeds from the bake sale at the school on November 6-7.

To this end, the cakes brought by prep and grade 9 students were offered for sale for two days on the tables set up in the school garden. The proceeds were added to the social responsibility fund of the department to be allocated to this school.

Friendship was the Winner in the Republic Cup Football Tournament

In the football tournament held in our school to mark the Republic Day, the trophies were awarded. At the tournament, which aimed to improve the friendship bonds between students as well as promoting social and athletic events in the school, the competition was stiff, but the ultimate winner was sportsmanship and friendship.

The final game was played between grade 11 and 12 students and the first place trophy went to MD Clinic SSK Moskova.

We congratulate MD Clinic SSK Moskova, and Şanlıurfa, the runner up, with the hope that sports be a part of the lives of all students.

Physical Fitness Tests Saw New Records

The physical fitness tests for Prep students were successfully completed in Physical Education classes.

These tests help the P.E. Department to closely monitor the athletic progress of our students and witness new records in the process. As a result, we recruited successful athletes to our teams.

Top Scores:

50-Meter Run: Efe Batın Budak (6.38) - Gamze Öner (7.98)

Standing Long Jump: Efe Batın Budak (2.42) - Melisa Büyükkellecioğlu (2.00)

Vertical Jump: Bora Nayci (60 cm.) - Bera Karali (44 cm.)

Medicine Ball Throw (2 kg): Ali Kaan Milli (8.95 cm) - Asya Yilmaz (6 meters)

Shuttle Run Test: Sermet Sinan Akova (73 laps) - Gamze Öner (36 laps)

Fencing Success

TAC’s prep student Melisa Büyükkellecioğlu received the first place at the Provincial Fencing Tournament in Mersin on November 9, 2019, this is a selection event for the national level tournament.

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Duke of Edinburgh XXI National Silver Award Ceremony

At the National Silver Award Ceremony which was held on December 6, 2019 in Erkut Conference Hall in Maltepe University’s School of Foreign Languages Building, Tunç Türeli from Tarsus American College received his silver certificate. We wish Tunç continued success with his activities.

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Grade 11 Students were Involved in a Lesson Observation at Çukurova University

TAC’s grade 11 students were involved in a lesson observation at Çukurova University. Under the leadership of the Science Department and accompanied by their teachers (Funda Karaosmanoğlu, Çiğdem Altan and Dr. Duygu Gülev), a visit to Çukurova University was organized for 11-A, 11-B and 11-C students on 28 November 2019. In the visit aimed to support the students in their career choices and to increase their motivation during university preparation, the students attended lessons in the engineering and medical faculties. The students were divided into two groups according to their areas of interest.

The first group, accompanied by their Physics teacher, Ms. Funda Karaosmanoğlu, listened to a presentation introducing the sub-units and working areas of the Electrical and Electronical Engineering Department and then toured the laboratories of the department.

The second group of students who want to study medicine were accompanied by Dr. Duygu Gülev and Çiğdem Altan, and had the experience of listening to the lecture with medical students in their junior year. Our students visited the laboratories of the department and examined the experiments with interest and curiosity. They received general information about the training within the Medical Faculty and gained memorable experiences.

At the end of the visit, both groups were combined at the Faculty of Medicine for a tour of the anatomy and physiology laboratories and cadaver storage areas to obtain valuable information about cadaver storage conditions.

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Presentation by Turgay Polat, “Will the Truths of Today Create the Person of the Future?”

On Friday, November 8, Mr. Turgay Polat, the Advisor to the University President in Press and Communications, visited TAC for a presentation titled “Do the Facts of Today Create the Person of the Future?”.

In the presentation attended by grade 12 students and teachers, Turgay Polat emphasized the impact of rapidly advancing technology on society and how that would bring a change in popular professional fields in the near future. He inspired student reflection on their career planning. In addition, he provided information about Applybau scholarship process.

We would like to thank Turgay Polat for his informative and enjoyable presentation.

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