Rock'n 5th Grade!

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Practical Picture Day

This picture day is pretty practical. Wear your best clothes, smile bright, and be happy. Your picture will be posted in the yearbook. Order forms are due tomorrow so be sure to get them signed! Have a great picture day!

-Makinzie Whaley& Emmy Lorenzana


This year for the Boosterthon fun run we are going to raise money for new iPads and computers for the WONDERFUL teacher and staff. We are going to have our pep rallies through the week of September 30th. You are going to get a packet to raise money. The class with the most money raised, wins a special prize! We can't tell you what the prizes are because they are a BIG surprise!

Have fun!

-Emmy Lorenzana & Katelyn Payne

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Magestic Math!

In Mrs. Burgoni's 5th grade math class, we learned long division algarithm. We learned how to divide three-digit by two-digit numbers. Right now we are learning how to find volume in 3D shapes. Congratulations to all the super achievers that earned 100% on your recent test. As I'm sitting right here interviewing one of the students in that class and she said the test was pretty hard, so way to go!

- Makinzie Whaley

P.S. Remember to study for your upcoming tests!

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RAD Reading

In reading we are learning fact and opinions. Almost everybody participates and we have a lot of fun. We usually do active activities with different topics. Sometimes we watch videos and play learning games.

-Katelyn Payne

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In science, we have been doing a lot of landform experiments, catapults, and seeing how many pennies can a boat paper cup can hold! We have also been following along in stories in our landform book. Mrs. Udall is teaching us about erosion and deposition. We did a experiment with a sand and clay combination, to learn about flash floods and what people do to avoid streets flooding.

- Emmy Lorenzana

P.S. remember to do your very best on your landforms journal, it's a grade!

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Satisfying Social Studies

Dear students and parents,

In Social Studies, we are learning about the 5 different regions in North America. Right now, we are learning about the Northeast Region. We are creating a study guide for the test on Tuesday, October 6th. We are also learning about the physical features of states like lakes mountains and much more. By the the end of the school year, your child will be a Social Studies genius.

Sophia Topolosek

Wonderful Writing

In Writing we are now learning strategies for writing a personal narrative. A personal narrative is writing about memories you have about a person, or about a place can spark a memory. Foe example, Mrs. Holly brought in an object that brought back so many memories. That's another strategy we learned in Wonderful Writing.

-By Enzo Moldovan