Rainn wilson

A great actor and role model

Early Life

Rainn wilson was born Janaury 20, 1966. When he was a kid he lived in seatle. He liked to write story's andake up little flims and try to make his mom and dad laugh at the dinner table.

School's that rainn wilson went to

Rainn wilson went to where universtiy of washington, shorecrest high school, Tisch school of arts, Tufts universty, New York university and New trier high school he got serval degrees but his main one was theatre arts that helped him fullfill his dream as an actor, but rainn wilson ended up doing many things such as a comedian, director, writer and yes art collectors.

Some of the movies that he has been in

Where would you know Rainn Wilson

He is mainly known as Dwight in the office. The office started in 2005 and is still going on. It is his most successful show out of 32 shows/movies. In this show he is a farmer but also a salesman for paper. He character is very violent and is very outgoing.

Marrige/life know

Rainn Wilson lives in Los Angeles with his wife and his son,Walter McKenzie Wilson he is living a happy life

High school

In high school rainn wilson would get picked on everyday by bullies. It wasen't easy for him knowing that everyone didn't like him and saying that he would never make it as an actor. Rainn Wilson loved learing but he didn't want to go school it was getting so bad. Intill one day he stood up for himself when then guy shoved him into the locker he twisted his arm and put him into the locker. That day he was a leader amoung a lot of groups and his hand was the first one to go up for every question.

Why did I chose rainn wilson

Rainn wilson is very smart and not afraid to be a leader. He never gives up no matter how hard it is. That is why rainn wilson is my role model.
"The Office": Dwight and Angela Interview Each Other