Mouse Care Plan

Did I mention I love you?

Why do you want mice?

Mice make wonderful pets. They are small and cheap to care for, making them an excellent pet for me. I would plan on paying for all of their care, and clean the cage regularly by myself. Mice are fun and interesting pets. I could spend time making things for them and my guinea pigs, as well as playing with them. I could train them to do tricks and make short videos about them, or even practice photography with them!


As mentioned before, mice are inexpensive pets. After initial purchase, the only regular costs are food, bedding, and occasional toys.
  • Mice: I would plan on buying 2-3 female mice, as mice should never be kept alone due to their social nature and males must be neutered before living together to prevent fights. The mice would cost between $8-$12, depending on how many I get.
  • Food: Our nearest pet store has very limited food choices for mice, but ideally I would feed Carefresh Complete, which is a very healthy option that costs $8. I would expect this bag to last between 1-2 months.
  • Bedding: I plan on using aspen as their main bedding with tissue for nesting material. This makes bedding very cheap as we already buy aspen and have tissue. Aspen is $15 which would last just the mice a long time, but with the guinea pigs I don't know how long it will last.
  • Toys/Wheels/Hideouts: A lot of my stuff I had for Peanut just needs a quick cleaning and will be ready for the mice to use. Mice also aren't too picky on their hideouts, so cardboard boxes are cheap and chewable! I also would like to try using my previous wheels for them, but if they are too loud I will invest in a Silent Spinner. The only new thing I'd have to buy would be chews or toys. Mouse teeth grow constantly, so it's important to include chews. I'd expect to pay about $5 for chews, as they also enjoy chewing cardboard or popsicle sticks too. I'd also like to make a lot of toys for them as well, but I'd spend around $10 on store-bought toys.
    Grand Total: $33 initially and $8-$23 every so often
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