The Nicholson Museum

By Cohen

Yesterday we went on an excursion to the Nicholson Museum and IMAX cinemas. We had to arrive at school before 8:45 am. The bus started going at 9:00 am and we got there at 9:45 am.

Firstly we went to the education room and saw things that the Ancient Egyptians used including swords, pots, taps and many more. Also we learnt thatin Ancient Egypt people didn't care to be naked.

Secondly we went to see some mummies and saw what was crap rapping (mummifiacation) and what was good mummification. We also saw tombs (sarcophagus) that Ancient Egyptians used.

Thirdly we did some mummification of the chosen person and found out that we don't only need the rapping things and we also need honey, tree slime and much more ingredients.


After that we prepared to go to IMAX so we collected our bags and went to the bus. We arrived at IMAX at 12:45 pm and was all prepared to watch the movie at 1:00 pm. Everyone went to the toilet and then we lined up for the movie. The movie was called Ancient Egypt and was pretty interesting. In the movie I saw pharaohs, gods, godesses, slaves and many more. I learnt that some slaves robbed the tombs and only a few dozen of people knew how to read/translate hieroglyphics.

At the Nicholson Museum my experience was alright and I rate it 3/5 :):):)