Walking with Others to Perseverance

Kaitlyn K-May 2015

What is perseverance?

Perseverance is the continued effort to achieve something even through failures, disappointments, and difficulties. However, that is just a dictionary definition. Perseverance can be defined however you want it to be defined. If I were to define perseverance, I would say that perseverance is being able to make it through everything that may stand in your way. Someone else may define it as not giving up to anything. Perseverance is whatever you want it to be, no matter what kind of situation you have.

Francisco Bucio and Tom Monaghan-Compare and Contrast

Francisco Bucio and Tom Monaghan compare and contrast in many ways.

Francisco Bucio, a surgeon, lost his fingers when an earthquake trapped him under a building, and he had four fingers amputated. That is an adversity because since he is a surgeon, he won’t be able to work with one of his hands. In that case, he got two of his fingers on that hand replaced by toes. They seemed like they would be inadequate, so he kept working with them to try and improve them.

Tom Monaghan had started a business with his brother that did well during college semesters but not during the summer. Eventually his brother bailed so he found a new partner who never paid money to the business. His partner was very idle and selfish, and spent his money on cars and property. Tom went broke and kept trying to get back up even though he lost a lot of ground on his business.

So, they contrast because Francisco Bucio lost his fingers but Tom Monaghan hadn’t. Also, Tom was a failing pizza parlor owner and Francisco was an injured surgeon, which contrast because they are two different jobs with two different adversities. Lastly, Tom was going broke and Francisco wasn’t, he was just trying to adjust to not having the same fingers anymore.

Even though their two stories don’t seem to compare, they still do in some ways. Both of them had some relating adversities. They had problems with their work and could have lost their jobs, and they kept using hard work to get themselves back up. They had to put a lot of work and time into their job in order to triumph in the end.

Jackie Robinson's Cause and Effect on Baseball

In 1910, a man named Branch Rickey was a coach of Ohio Wesleyan Baseball Team. They were traveling for a baseball game, and the manager refused to let an African American with the name of Charley Thomas stay there. Branch Rickey thought that was a petty reason, and so he bluffly threatened the manager and then the manager let Charley share a room with Mr. Rickey. Late at night, Branch Rickey saw Charley sitting on a cot that the hotel gave him, trying to “scratch his skin off”. That story and the fact that segregation was so bad at that time was the cause of Branch Rickey, thirty five years later, now as president of the Brooklyn Dodgers, to come up with an idea.

The effect was that Branch Rickey was so tired of segregation that he brought Jackie Robinson into baseball to break the color line, and it eventually worked.

Also, the cause of Jackie Robinson had an effect on the people who watched him play and eventually accepted him, and it also had an effect on baseball players of every nationality who now respect him and want to fill his shoes.

Problem and Solution of Jackie Robinson (A Noble Experiment)

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Description of a triumph of Dave Fortier (415 Strong)

After the Boston Bombing, many people weren’t sure what to do. However, some people

were positive that they knew what to do. A group called 415 Strong knew that they needed to persevere through their adversities, and they did!

For example, a man named Dave Fortier was injured in the Boston Bombing. Even though he was hurt, he still helped 415 become a great supportive group. He got a trainer to do help sessions for novices, and he decided that he was going to run again with the others in the Boston Marathon. This was a triumph for him because he says that participating in the race provides an opportunity for victims “to take back the marathon”. He had conviction in order to get back up on his feet, and also by getting trainers to train novices, he had conviction and resolve to help new runners in 415 Strong prepare for the same thing that he had been training for.

Also, this was a triumph for him because he knew that he is strong and resilient and can bounce back from adversity. He also knew that he triumphed in helping new runners be able to run the Boston Marathon.

Sequence of the Adversities it took Mia Winchell to get to her Triumphs

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What can we Learn from the Perseverance of Others in Order to Overcome Adversity in Today's World?

There is a lot to be learned from the perseverance of others. In life, we may think that things that happen to us are hard. However, there are many things that other people face that can try to hold them back that are much more significant than the small things that we face. We can learn that we can be strong and make it through tough situations, because these other people made it through adversities that were much larger than ours! If you put your mind to it and you have ambition, you can go wherever you want to go, because if other people can do something much harder, you can get through something.
Also, if you are facing a large adversity just like these significant others, you can realize and learn that you can persevere just like them, and make it through, just like them.