School Re-Entry Guidance & Updates

School Nutrition Programs 2020 - 2021

CNPweb PY 2021 Approvals

  • Due to the recent flexibility by USDA, it is taking longer than normal to approve sponsors and sites in the School Nutrition Programs, purple puzzle piece.
  • We understand that sponsors would like to get their site information sheets updated and claims filed as soon as possible, but due to the frequent changes by USDA, it has been a challenge to keep up with the revisions and approvals of site sheets.
  • IDOE is working very hard to approve everyone in a timely fashion and will make sure to respond to all questions and requested updates.
  • Sponsors will receive a response after submitting questions in the CNPweb Help Form.
  • Please utilize the CNPweb Help Form for revision requests, updates, and approvals for the School Nutrition Programs, purple puzzle piece.
  • Questions about Summer Food Service Program (SFSP)? Contact your Field Specialist.

Revised 9-15-2020! USDA Waiver Options for School Food Authorities

  • New! USDA has provided additional flexibility to help School Food Authorities (SFAs) wanting to implement retroactive claiming of school meals under NSLP/SBP, SSO, or SFSP.
  • Options are presented in the order of simplicity; keep in mind there are additional requirements for school nutrition program administrators when selecting Summer Food Service Program (SFSP).
  • The decision as to which option to select rests solely on the local education authority, the need within the local school corporation, the capability of food service staff to provide quality meals, and the approvals of the state agency and local health department.
  • Waivers are only available until December 31 or until funds are depleted, whichever comes first.
  • Check out the newly revised New USDA Waiver Options for School Food Authorities Fact Sheet.
  • SFAs unsure of the best option for their schools should work directly with their Field Specialist.
  • Check out the Re-Entry Guidance Website for more information.
  • Join IDOE for the Rules and Regulations on the New USDA Waiver Options for School Food Authorities webinar on Tuesday, September 22 2:00 pm EST.


Free and Reduced Process

USDA has not provided any flexibility to the free and reduced process. Plus, households must still submit free and reduced applications with the appropriate textbook information completed in order to receive textbook assistance.

  1. If a sponsor switches to SSO or SFSP, must they still conduct verification? Since USDA has not given the state agency guidance on flexibilities with the free and reduced process, sponsors that have processed and approved applications for the 2020-2021 school year need to begin the verification process by October 1. USDA has not officially given any guidance on verification at this time.
  2. Are textbooks benefits affected by this? The funding provided is for meals only. Student eligibility for textbook assistance is still determined by eligibility status via Direct Certification or the textbook section of the meal application.
  3. Are there any flexibilities with the 30 day carryover? No.
  • Eligibility benefits from the previous school year should carry over for the first 30 operating days into the new school year.
  • Reminder! If a household submits a new application or is matched through Direct Certification (DC) within the 30 day carryover, schools must immediately apply the new eligibility, even if the new eligibility is lower than the previous school year (i.e. free to reduced, free to paid, or reduced to paid).
  • While not required, schools are highly recommended to contact any households that have not reapplied for free and reduced (f/r) benefits before the 30 day carryover ends.
  • On the 31st operating day, households that have not reapplied for f/r benefits must be changed to paid status.
  • If a sponsor is providing meal service on eLearning/virtual learning days, then these would be considered an operating day and would be included in the 30 days. If a sponsor is not providing meal service on eLearning/virtual learning days, then these days do not count towards the first 30 operating days.
  • Sponsors need to make sure to set their 31st operating date in the Point of Sale (POS) system. Since many schools have moved their start date back, make sure to check the 31st operating date in the POS system is correct.
  • Click here for the 30 Day Carryover Fact Sheet.


Questions? Contact your Field Specialist.